Can dogs eat bananas?


Did you know that it is absolutely safe to give our lovely pet pups food that we eat? Well, when I first learnt about it, I was like OMG!! Yes – our food like fruits, vegetables, few snacks are absolutely edible for the dogs. It also has its pros and cons that you need to understand for your furry little thing. Won’t it be exciting for your canine buddy to enjoy a little treat every other day?

The good news is you can also add-on the so-called doggy diet food with all these food items and they love it! It is generally is the case when we are eating our meals or just munching on an evening snack, our dear little furry friend is out their popping his eyes out to grab a little something of what we are eating. Puts you in a dual dilemma of wanting to give him and at the same time worry whether it is safe to do so.

What Can Dogs Eat Other Than The Dog Food?


Dog’s internal anatomy works just like a human being with few exceptions. Hence most of the things that we do to remain hale and hearty can be tried on these pups too. For instance, we always try and include vegetables, fruits and dry fruits in our diet to reduce the ailments and stay fit. Use the exact diet for your pups. Want to keep your pup’s hale and hearty start treating them with most of the food items except a few. These regular human food items can be of super help; works best for them as a substitute treat and are high in nutrition.

To start with, remember that every dog is different and might have reactions/allergy just like we have. So whenever you offer him any of the below mentioned food, see to it that you give him small amounts and wait for any reaction to arise. If there is a reaction like stomach upset or vomiting or increase in weight, its best to discuss with your vet before continuing these new items in his diet. If nothing happens, you can slowly and steadily continue giving him these items and see me grow healthy and strong.

So what can dogs eat? Here’s a quick list on all the human food stuffs our furred friend can have:

If we love the taste of the Peanut Butter, you think your canine friend would be able to do without it? As long as you eat a non salted peanut butter which doesn’t contain xylitol, you are good to go. Peanut butter has good amount of proteins and fats which will certainly make your dog healthier if given in adequate amounts. You can mix a little peanut butter with his meals once a week.

Blueberry smashed works wonders for your dog if given in small amounts. It is rich in almost all the vitamins and acts as an antioxidant agent.

Yet another food item which is full of nutritional value could act as a good treat – wash rosemary leaves and add them to your pup’s food. These leaves are high in fiber, iron and calcium, all of which can be important for your dog’s good health and healthy living.

One more, out of the ordinary, treat for your little one is Yoghurt without added sugar. It is full of proteins and calcium which can work for his bones and/or digestion problems if any. Furthermore they also have probiotics which helps body to keep the awful bacteria at bay. So next time, you see your pup licking his face while you are enjoying your bowl of yoghurt, do him a favor and allow him to enjoy a scoop of it too.

Chicken has proteins which works best for the growing dog. You can add chicken (without seasoning it) to his diet. You can also use this as an alternative if the dog food is over. Just don’t overdo it.

If your dog is having some bowel issues then try out oatmeal’s for him. Cook the oatmeal without adding any sugar and treat your dog. It is rich in fiber and doesn’t generate wheat allergies.

Green Chard is another leafy vegetable with nutrients, vitamins that can help bones to maintain its density, provide good eye sight, increase immunity and give energy. With a little of olive oil serve him chard mixed with some other leafy vegetables. It works wonders for the dog. Keep this as a weekly affair.

Call it doggie sushi or simply seaweed, it works the best. It has proteins, Vitamins, minerals, what more can u ask for. Preparation is very simple and tantalizing. Just soak them in water and add this broth to their food..

Turnips can be boiled and mashed with a dash of olive oil to make a good unusual treat which is enhanced with vitamin C and potassium. Yet another healthy human food makes it to the dogs list. Moreover this is available all round the year.

To make their food a little exciting, you can always use olive or sunflower oil. These oils if given in moderate amounts works just fine for dogs and provide them with appropriate amounts of fats.

If you love the shiny and healthy fur of the dogs and want your dog to look healthier, then certainly try adding omega 3 fatty acids in his food. Salmons are rich in omega 3 fatty acids; cook them with very little oil with no seasonings at all.

I am not sure how many dogs would like this one as a treat, but if you can instill the taste for Broccoli, then your dog will get good amount of vitamins. Just see to it that the amount is very less in each of his meal otherwise he might get some gastro issues.

Pumpkin is another vegetable full of fiber and vitamins. If the dog likes it raw you can serve him that or cook it with his food and he will never have any digestion issues.

Eggs are yet another food item rich in proteins which can be an exciting snack for your puppy. However if you are giving eggs to an older dog, then remove the yolk and let him have it. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, not good for heart especially in the older age. What’s more, never give them raw egg. The best way to give them eggs is to boil them or let them enjoy scrambled eggs without salt.

Most of the dogs are in favor of the green beans. They love it. Beans have low calories, high nutrients, irons and vitamins. It’s important that you serve them only fresh beans and not canned ones. As the canned beans have added preservatives which can be toxic to the dogs stomach.

Sweet potato is another favorite human food of most of the dogs. It is absolutely safe, with Vitamins and antioxidants in abundance. Boil it with water and absolute little amount of oil and you are good to go. Sweet Potatoes are good transporter of oxygen to the cells.

And who doesn’t love carrots! With fiber and vitamins galore, carrots works absolutely fine with the dogs. Eating carrots helps their teeth to get stronger because of their crunchy feel. You can also give them carrots to eat when they are teething.

If your dog is in favor of bland foods, then cottage cheese is something which will enhance his diet with loads of calcium and proteins. But if your dog is allergic to dairy product then it’s a complete no-no.

Try out flaxseeds. Its alpha linolenic acid is beneficial to your pup’s coat, skin and bone and brain development. You can mix these seeds or even a tea spoon oil of these seeds with your dog food. Just don’t overdo it. They have a higher amount of Vitamin B, helps in cell regulation.

You might be astonished but dogs love popcorns, it is a good change for them to munch on from the usual dog food. Just let it not be salted or caramel or buttered.

Apples without seeds, is a fruit with Vitamin A which will enhance his eye sight and literally keep the vet away. Most of the berries are worth giving. Be watchful; just don’t over stuff them with it. Watermelon can be given without seeds, boiled green leafy vegetables like spinach; lettuce works the best. These are some more of the other human food which is safe for the dogs.

How to serve the dog’s human food?

Few things to keep in mind before giving their human food:

  • Always bake or steam the food
  • Give them in small quantities
  • Cut into smaller pieces to avoid choking
  • Either give them plain vegetables or fruits to eat or you can also mix them well with their diet food

Can dogs eat banana, chocolate or grapes?

Read further to know all the food items which are tricky with the dogs and should be avoided at all costs.

Bananas are safe for dogs but in moderation. That’s the significant thing to bear in mind. Although they are the best source of vitamins, fiber and sodium, but due to it sugar content it becomes a little tricky to serve this fruit on daily basis. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is never serve the banana with the peel to the dog. In addition serve them in small pieces otherwise it can cause log jam. Besides always keep a check whenever you are treating your pup with a new food item, how does he react to it and if any major changes are noticed, its time you rush to the vet.

Dogs love chocolate but beware if given in higher amounts the caffeine can cause vomiting and/or diarrhea and at times can have perilous effects like irregular heartbeats to fatal. Never give grapes or raisins to your pup they have a tendency to cause kidney failures in them. Onions aren’t good for them either they can damage their red blood cells.

You should be particular about your alcohol glasses, pups have the habit of gulping anything they find and if they happen to find the alcohol tantalizing it might cost you dearly. Alcohol can lead to seizures and at time ends up fatal.

Avocado can again disturb their bowel movements or create breathing irritation. So keep him away from Avocado. Be careful with tomatoes, mushrooms if they are wild, fruits such as peach, cherry as they can be toxic, some nuts which can be toxic, even garlic can turn hazardous for your pup.

See to it that while serving them fish or chicken avoid giving them bones because this can affect their laceration of the digestive system. Never replace cat food as dog food as it contains more of proteins and fats which aren’t required by dogs.

Never induce any kind of artificial sweeteners in your dog’s food. It will get his blood sugar levels low and at times can react to liver failure which can cause death. Anything with yeast again is a tricky business. If the dog is allergic, it can rip apart intestines due to expansion of the gas.

Like mentioned earlier, dogs especially pups have the habit of munching, gulping whatever comes their way. Been vigilant, is the only way to stay away from any accidents particularly if you are a consumer of alcohol, drugs such as marihuana, tobacco. If ever consumed by the dog, can seriously have adverse effects on their health and depending on the consumption can cause death.

Salt and sugar are a no-no. They lead to losing of hair. Moreover, if given in large quantities can have seizures or lead to fattening and also at times, causes diabetes.

Never ever give your pups raw meats. They have something called as E.Coli or Salmonella bacteria which have adverse affects on their health especially issues related to stomach.

As particular are we about not eating spoilt food, you should also be particular about not giving them spoilt or garbage food as these food may have toxins which can react with their organs ending up with an illness of some sort.

Try out the above mentioned foods with your little canine companion – trust me if they don’t have any allergies with these food stuffs, it will only make them furrier, healthier and happier. Who wouldn’t be happy to see a shiner coated healthy hearty pup!!