How To Train A Dog To Sit in 4 Steps?


Teaching your dog to sit is an essential lesson that should be mastered from a very early age. Sitting on command may be a useful behavior for such situations as guests’ arrival or off-leash walking. You don’t want your super active pooch to jump on your visitors or run away...

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


There are times when you would have seen your pet dog chewing on grass like a cow and you would have wondered, ‘if it is a cow in dog’s disguise.’ However, dogs are dogs and there are no witches on this earth to wave their hand and turn your pet...

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How To Stop A Cat From Peeing In The House?


A cat peeing inside your house can be quite an annoying and smelly issue. Nature has bestowed these feline creatures with strong smelling compounds in their urine in order to help them demarcate their territory. So, the presence of a urinating cat can render your entire house smelling like a...

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?


If you’re feeding your dog low-grade dog food, chances are your pet is unable to differentiate the taste of that diet from its poop. A lot of nutritional value is left undigested when it comes to low-grade dog food and digestive issues encourage your dog to re-eat its food to...

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Dogs That Look Like Bears?


Here’s A Quick Look At Dogs That Look Like Teddy Bears!! Recently the internet had been taken by a wave of frenzied spat which was on Bounce – whether he was a brown colored dog or bear? So what exactly happened? Bounce looks like a bear with eyes that are...

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How To Stop A Dog From Digging?


Dogs are really nice to be with, as the cliché has been saying, ‘Dogs are man’s best friend’ but what if your pet has suddenly been doing some unexpected behaviour that he or she has never done before, like digging a hole in your yard and has been making craters...

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