Reasons Why You Should Use Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut Oils for Dogs

Facts Lies Behind Using Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Dogs are the most lovable and caring pets. They are loyal, entertaining, innocent and beautiful creatures meant to bring happiness in our lives.

Dog owners know better regarding how they become so integral part of a human’s life that their presence makes every moment joyful and jolly. Dogs are like our kids in a home; they also need care and attention like a child. They should be given every facility and love. That’s why they too need oils and massaging sessions to maintain their soft fur and health. Like we care for our skin, we should also care for our furry friends. Among the list of available products, we found coconut oil as a very useful and healthy measure to upgrade your pet’s lifestyle.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for Pets

Coconut Oil for Dogs

Coconut oil is very useful in the following aspects:

#1. Digestion

Coconut oil helps in the digestive mechanism. It improves absorption of various nutrients from the gut and helps in the digestion of food as well. It cures halitosis, which means it eliminates foul odor from mouth.

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The viscous oil extracted from coconut prevents dogs from several infections and diseases. It treats coughing in dogs and is very useful in inflammatory diseases of the gut.

#2. Fur Coat and Skin

The typical odor that comes from a dog is minimized to a greater extent with the usage of coconut oils. Coconut oil prevents allergic reactions and infection of

Coconut oil prevents allergic reactions and infections of the skin, known as dermatitis. It treats eczema, itchiness, dry skin, fungal infections, dry hair, bites, stings, etc. It also enhances the healing process and makes the fur coat glossy and smooth.

#3. Other Benefits

Coconut oil helps in regulating sugar levels, thus controls diabetes. It helps in maintaining thyroid blood levels and maintains blood, insulin and thyroxine levels. This also exhibits significant anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties and helps in controlling unnatural weight loss.

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Infections are decreased if you use coconut oil regularly. Coconut oil is popularly known to be very useful in arthritis and other joint disorders. Ligament and muscle health is maintained with the application of this oil, too.

Thus, there are innumerable benefits one gets from coconut oil. Just one additional habit of applying this oil regularly to your pet and see the change yourself. Your dog will become much more energetic and healthy with a shiny and sleek fur coat. The infections will not occur further, and there will never be problems with dry hair and foul odor. Pleasant fragrance of this oil will refresh your pet and your life.

#4. Proper Way to Use Coconut Oil

It is important that the initial phase is slow and soft. Let your pet get used to it. Start with a small amount of oil and let your dog adjust. Add this up in the diet slowly with by adding less quantity initially to let the dog adapt to the change administered.

You can start with the ¼ table of a spoon daily. Once your dog responds well enough and has adapted, you can increase the quantity to 1 spoon for every ten pounds of weight.

Side Effects

Initially, if you do not regulate the quantity of the coconut oil administered, your dog may respond poorly. Chances of diarrhea are there in such instances. So be careful and let your pet adapt.

We also recommend for oral administration and apply it on the coat. Make your pet healthier.