Different Types of Rabbit Breeds for Pet Lovers

Different Types of Rabbit Breeds

Some Strange Facts About Rabbits You Would Love to Know

Rabbits are the cutest pets having the top notch position among the domestic pets category in some of the best animal magazines of the world recently. Everybody know about rabbits, but do you know how many rabbit breeds are there around us? Here we are introducing particular unusual facts about the bunny rabbits you never heard before.

The bunny rabbits can tame very easily, and they can become a member of the family. They are curious and behaves like naughty kids. They always try to seek the attention of the rest of the members of the home. There are different breeds of pet bunny rabbits. A few of the major ones include:

#1. Genus Pentalagus

#2. Genus Bunolagus

#3. Genus Nesolagus

#4. Genus Romerolagus

#5. Genus Sylvilagus.

Apart from these breeds, the most popularly found rabbits are:

Mini Rex:

Rabbit Breeds Mini Rex

Their fur describes as the ‘living velvet.’ They are the cutest looking breed amongst all the other breeds found. Mini Rex belongs to the miniature form of the rabbit breed.


Rabbit Breeds Lionhead

This breed comes from another category of Genus Pentalagus that weighs not more than 5 pounds. Their whole body covers with furs. These races are quite familiar in European countries. They have a very gentle disposition, and they behave just like the two years old kids in our homes.

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Lion Head Rabbits are small in size. That’s why they’re also known as “pocket-pet”. They have a double mane and behave like a cute little creature who finds shelter within your palms.

English Lop:

Rabbit Breeds English Lop

They have distinctive characteristics. Unlike other breeds, the identification of English Lop is done through their long and floppy ears. They are known as the oldest- domesticated breed of rabbits. This type of race has a favorite pastime as playing and exploring things.

Dutch Rabbit:

Rabbit Breeds Dutch Rabbit

A native breed of Holland. They appear in the black and white fur on their face, shoulders, and neck. Dutch Rabbits have a tendency to become friendly pets through their actions, and they often tend to follow their masters a lot.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit:

Rabbit Breeds Netherland Dwarf

Their fur has a specific design with a 3D effect on its own. The ears are extremely short and so are their fur coats. They wish to live with pairs.

Angora Rabbit:

Rabbit Breeds Angora

Angora Rabbits are especially known for their immensely soft fur that provides a heavenly feeling to their masters. They also make a fine pet and are very popular among the French. French Angora rabbits are playful and friendlier than any other breed.

White Rabbit:

Rabbit Breeds White

These are especially from New Zealand, and people often confuse this kind with Florida rabbit. They are a very older and larger breed and needs proper care.

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Rabbits are the cutest animal. However, people still hunt them for the flesh. Rabbits should be kept as pets, too, to see how you can experience the equal feeling of a baby when a rabbit is there in your home.