Do Male Dogs Have Nipples? Well, Read This!


During the course of evolution we have reached till the mammal from the prokaryotes and eukaryotes. The mammals are usually the highest evolved form of life on this earth. It is known that there are more than 4000 different species of mammals. Hog-nosed bat being the smallest sized mammal and the blue whale is the largest sized mammal known till date.

All the mammals have some basic common characteristics like they all are vertebrates which mean they possess spinal cord or backbone. Mammals are endothermic meaning they are warm blooded. The mammals have hair on their body. They all have mammary gland to produce milk and feed to their off springs. The mammals generally feed their babies and hence spend more time with their babies.

Do Male Dogs Have Nipples?


Mammary glands are the gland which is found in female members of mammal. The use of the mammary gland is to produce milk and then to feed the babies. All the female mammal have such mammary glands from which their babies suck milk and get nutrition in the early phase of life after birth. Nipples associated with the mammary glands which helps the babies to suck the milk from mothers’ body. A new born baby knows on its own to suck milk from the mother. The term nipple simply means a structure from which fluid comes out.

To be clearer it can be explained as projections of the breasts of all mammals through which the breast milk is delivered to the babies. Generally nipple is the term used in human beings and teat is the term commonly used for nipples of other animals. The main use of nipple is feeding of milk to babies by mother. The sizes of nipple in women are usually in the range of 10 mm. Its size changes during pregnancy and breast feeding days.

The nipples also have role to play in sexual activity. Both male and female nipples are erogenous zones in the body meaning they help in sexual stimulation. The nipples can be stimulated by hand or mouth during foreplay and lead to sexual arousal.

The nervous connection types are same in both men and women breasts. The basic difference lies in the fact that in males the nerves are located nearby where as in female breasts the nerves are distributed and spread throughout the whole breast. During childhood male and female are almost same. But after puberty the female breasts change into more sensitive due to the hormonal changes within the female body. During sexual arousal the female breasts become stiff and erect.

Since the time of conception or fertilization till the time of sexual differentiation both male and female fetus look exactly alike. In human beings exactly around 6 weeks male and female sex differentiation occurs. After sexual differentiation the male fetus starts producing male hormones like testosterone. The male’s nipples usually never changes after that. But yes there are cases in males when they might develop breasts which are medically termed as gyanecomastia. It is understood that drop in testosterone level is responsible for gyanecomastia.

As in case of human beings similarly in case of other mammalian animals also presence of nipples is seen. Dog is the animal everyone loves. We really like to have a puppy around us most of the times. Children love to play with their pet dogs and kittens. In fact dogs are the best friends of human being in today’s time.

Many a times keeping a pet dog can be a status symbol for few people. And it may also be a necessity for few others. For example dogs provide safety from thieves and also may help a blind or disabled person. Dogs are the friendliest animal so they are always seen with human beings. The faithfulness of the dogs is most among all the animals in the world.

Our children have their best time spent with dogs and dogs are always part of many families. If we look from animal loving point of view then also it is really heartening to have a dog as they provide us love. In fact many doctors advise elderly people or lonely people to keep a pet dog. It can eliminate loneliness as well as fulfill our need of being loved. Now days one cannot buy love with money but love can be brought in the form of dogs who love their master unconditionally.

Like human beings the dogs in the womb before sex differentiation have all the same feature. Once the sex is determines depending upon the chromosomal sequence, then the females start releasing female hormones and males release male hormone.

Upon birth male and female are different. On reaching puberty level the male and female develop in different ways. The females start developing proper breasts and nipples. The nipples in case of animals are generally termed as teaks. They are helpful during feeding milk to their children. The male dogs on the other hand have nipples but they do not develop breasts. They do not have the work of feeding puppies.

Like human males having nipples which are rudimentary the male dogs also possess nipples but the nipples are rudimentary in nature. The nipples of the male dogs do not have the function of secreting milk and feed their puppies. As a part of evolution these thing happen and there is absolutely no wonder in seeing a male dog having nipples.

As in case of human beings medical condition of gyanecomastia is there where males develop breasts same thing may happen in dogs also. Other reasons of development of nipples and discharges in nipples can be carcinoma or some other disease. If anybody sees any fluid discharge fro the nipples of male dog then consult the vet.


All mammals have the basic nature of presence of vertebrates, are warm blooded, have hair on body and have mammary gland. Dogs also being mammals have it all. Male dogs also possess nipples or teals but they are rudimentary in nature and are not meant to feed milk to the puppies.