Do You Have A Question – Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?


Have you heard of peanut-sniffing dogs that are lifesavers? Yes there are dogs which can sniff the presence of peanuts so as to help you save from the allergy. Isn’t it cool? However dogs can still have allergy to peanut butter and it can just be as bad as it can be to you.

 Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

 It may come as a surprise to you but peanut butter can be hazardous for dogs.

 So you have been treating your dog with peanut butter and have no idea whether it’s good or no? Wait up, read this article and you will know what kind of a mistake you have been doing so far. Is peanut butter really bad for your little pup? If you have been giving peanut butter dog treats, I am sure you have no idea what a mistake that was.


My dog who is a mixed breed had once consumed peanut butter and then the number of Vet visits, phew!! That is when I researched a little about peanut butter and what exactly causes these problems for dogs. Here we are going to give you exactly all kind of reasons as to why peanut butter isn’t healthy to give your beloved canine.

Although peanut butter is rich in nutrients and works just fine with your dog plus he loves his food, it is not all that good. Did you know that peanut butter consists of an ingredient which can cause cancer? Yes it has aflatoxins which are the toxic and are known to cause cancer. These toxins which crop up naturally known as mycotoxins created by a fungus called aspergillus. Well just so you know mycotoxins are absolutely cancerous and have been known to mess up the liver too.

Furthermore aflatoxin has been responsible for cancer especially affecting the liver in the animals at labs. You know what, there is a huge possibility that this can happen to your dog too. And don’t think that by purchasing it from a store which mentions it’s fresh, doesn’t mean that it won’t have aflatoxins.

Another thing that a peanut butter pack has is sugar and you all know how sugar can be the culprit in getting you all sorts of diseases such as diabetes or food allergy. Now let’s talk about the sugar in the peanut butter for dogs. Oh, so you didn’t even know that a peanut butter consists of sugars? Do you remember taking your puppy to the vet for various bacteria and parasites?  Moreover it eats on the cancer cells. And do you know that because of the inflammation peanut butter isn’t a good treat for your canine friend.

And by the way, it doesn’t stop here. Peanut butter has plenty of trans-fatty acids. And I am sure you know how toxic these substances are. Basically, these substances make your food stay for a long time in a particular place. Just to give u a simple example, have u heard about the hydrogenation process – well this is a process which takes the plant oil, using a nickel as a catalyst heats them together. Now after removing the catalyst, the leftover is a superbly toxic fat which are responsible for diabetes, heart diseases and severe inflammation.

It’s important to check whenever you buy a peanut butter pack, check whether it has trans-fats hydrogenated oils, if it does – that’s the time you say no for such products. Additionally, whenever you roast peanuts there is a possibility that the fats in them gets rancid. Hence if you are still planning to give your puppy peanut butter, then see to it that they are raw and do not have hydrogenated fats. Having said that, you are still left with aflatoxins to deal with!!

Yes peanut butter has mono saturated fats which are good but at the same time they also have omega 6 to 3 ratio makes it a bad deal. It is simple, if you give your little puppy more the peanut butter, he is certainly going to have some or the other issues which can really turn adverse if correct measures aren’t taken.

However if you still wish to give your canine friend a little of peanut butter then always see to it that the amount is very less and you don’t make it a habit. Moreover whenever you buy a peanut butter, they shouldn’t have butter or salt in them. This makes the peanut butter healthier minus all the toxic substances.

Another important thing to remember while feeding a dog with peanut butter is never feed him using a spoon. Dogs just love peanut butter and in the excitement can even gulp down the spoon. So beware.

Always go for a creamy peanut butter as oppose to the ones with chunks in it as it has a possibility to create choking for your little pup especially if they are crazy about peanut butter treats. And keep a check whenever you give him peanut butter whether he has any reaction to it or if any discomfort. If yes, then its times to stop the peanut butter completely and get a thorough check-up done with a vet.

At times a peanut butter can do the trick which no one else can. Does your dog acts irritated and all -wild to take a medicine. Well, peanut butter is here to help. While trying to give your dog a medicine just help him gulp down with a little of peanut butter. He certainly won’t notice your trick and will happily gulp down the medicine thinking it as peanut butter. But see to it that he doesn’t make this as a habit because having too much of a peanut butter can be hazardous to his health and he might to take some additional medications, this time without the peanut butter for sure.

Conversely, there are many other tantalizing dog treats that can be given if you don’t want to take any risk with peanut butter. For instance try out yoghurt with the dogs they just love it. It goes without saying that the yoghurt should have less of fats and sugar. Yoghurts as you know are high in calcium and proteins. Yoghurt then becomes a favorite for the dogs also enhancing their bone and muscle power.

Oatmeal can be another exciting food item for the dogs. The high content of fiber makes them doubly important. Moreover if your dog has wheat allergies then oatmeal becomes a good alternative for such allergenic dogs. Oatmeal should be well cooked before giving it to the dog and do not add any sugar or salt. And just in case if your dog is suffering from any kind of bowel issues, oatmeal will ensure that it is taken care of.

Chicken is dogs much preferred meal and it should be because chicken can provide proteins. Proteins can help your dog stay alive and active. However whenever you give chicken to your dog see to it that you boil just enough and do not add any seasonings. You can even mix chicken with oatmeal and create a new food item for your dog. It will be the best meal he could ever enjoy. Salmons are a good provider of omega-3 fatty acids.

Salmon can help your dog get good shinier coat. Carrots are the best to be given to puppies especially when they are teething. Their low calories and high content of vitamin A is just about what your puppy requires. And you can continue to give carrots when the puppy is all grown up because carrots also provide fiber which will only do well to your dog’s overall health.

Although bland but rich in proteins and calcium, cottage cheese also makes a good treat for dogs. They simply love it and enjoy it. But if your dog has digestion issues especially with diary foodstuffs, then cottage cheese shouldn’t be given to such dogs. And all you vegan lovers, green beans can be a good alternative to peanut butter. Beans are loaded with vitamins and iron both very important for a dog’s long and healthy life.

Apple slices without the seeds can be the next change for your dog. Again filled with vitamin A and works to remove the residue for your beloved pet’s teeth, apples can be the next interesting treat for your dog.

Eggs can be given in scrambled form without the yolk. Yolk has cholesterol and if your dog is a lazy bum then you certainly shouldn’t give the yolk to him. Eggs are high in proteins and tasty too. if your dogs suffers frequently from gastronomical issues then try pumpkin with him. They have rich source of fiber, vitamin A and beta-carotene which keeps the gastro-intestinal tract in motion.

Remember one thing whenever you add a new food item to your dog’s diet, you need to be careful and keep checking for any reactions. Before trying out a new off the table eatable for your dog, just do a quick research or call your vet. Because many a times, it so happens that a particular food stuff may not have any reaction to a particular breed of dog and to some other might create havoc. Always start with small quantity.

Gradually you can increase the quantity if the dog shows no sign of reaction. However if there are any issues or reactions that you notice, the first thing you need to do is stop the new food item consumption and if the reactions still persist then you certainly need to visit the vet on urgent basis.

Besides peanut butter, also keep your dogs away from chocolates. I know chocolates are their best buds but they are really harmful. Most of the chocolates have caffeine related ingredient called methylxanthines. If somehow the dogs indulges in chocolates, there’s a huge possibility that the methylxanthines may react making your dog vomit or can cause diarrhea and at times can lead to seizures and death. Grapes and raisins are an absolute no-no fruit for the dogs. They are toxic to dogs and cause liver damage.

I am sure no fool will give his pet dog alcohol or drugs. But just in case, without your knowledge if the dog happens to consume these products, it will certainly have a hazardous effect on them. So be cautious and keep such stuffs away from their reach. I am telling you this because a similar thing happened with one my friend. She has a Dalmatian and they were out. The dog consumed two whole packets of marijuana. The dog was unconscious for two days straight and it was very difficult for the vet to diagnose such a case too. So be careful around such stuffs at home and keep your naughty pet-dogs away.

Even onions and garlic are absolutely toxic for dogs. They are so bad that they can kill the red blood cells of your dogs leading to death. And also see to it that whenever your dog is strolling in the park, he should come in contact with Avocado or its leaves or even its bark. It has an ingredient called persin which is very toxic. If they consume then they might have breathing problems or even get seizures.

So you know now, how peanut butter can be not a good fit for your puppy. You can start treating him with many other safe eatables as oppose to peanut butter. It’s in your hands to make the puppy get use to what he can get accustomed to. So if you don’t get him used to peanut butter, he won’t even think that something is missing from his diet.

It’s all about the habits that you inculcate in them!! My dog has been kept away from peanut butter for so many years but I have incorporated many other interesting food items which keep him happy and content with his meals. You can also come up with such variations and get your canine friend habituated to new meal assortments. So let peanut butter dog treat be an old thing now.