Dogs That Look Like Bears?


Here’s A Quick Look At Dogs That Look Like Teddy Bears!!

Recently the internet had been taken by a wave of frenzied spat which was on Bounce – whether he was a brown colored dog or bear? So what exactly happened? Bounce looks like a bear with eyes that are dark brown in color, teeth that are as razor-sharp as a bear’s and to finish the bear –look fluffy – like a cotton ball. Well, the spat was later sorted by coming to conclusion that Bounce indeed was a dog – a Pomeranian mix breed. By the way “Bear” is also conventional name for a Pomeranian as they so reminds us of a teddy bear. It might come as a bolt from the blue to you all that there are dogs that look like bears.

So who are these dogs that look like bears – are they mix breeds and is it possible to mate a bear and a dog? You might have tons of questions, don’t worry. Read further to get a quick glance all such dogs and puppies that look like bears:


The first on this list are called Newfoundland dogs that are well-known for the gigantic size, brains, great muscle and reliability. Their origin was in Canada and is known for their working skills particularly in rescuing individuals from water bodies. These dogs come in five colors black, brown, white & black which are known as Landseer and grey adorned with a well-built body, bulky double fur, webbed feet and inborn swimming knack with smooth temper and enduring nature – who would believe that these are actual dogs as oppose to a cute little bear.

Officially Alaska’s State dog is called Alaskan malamute which looks like Polo bear all ready for the frosty winter snowfall, but with shades of white and grey. You will find similarities with the arctic dogs such as Greenland dog, Eskimo and very close to Siberian husky dog. They are known for their faithfulness, affectionate nature, is used in dragging freight and now-a-days even for sleds. Some of these dogs may be a little inflexible and violent. Think twice before getting this wild bear look-alike beast, if you have children.

Derived from the city – Leonberg in Germany, Leonberger dog falls in the giant breed’s category. They don’t do dog shows but are known for working for Crufts. They can imitate a lion hence nicknames such as Leo or Gentle Lion are to its credit. They have this outstanding black mask on their head with astuteness, self-importance, sympathy, very affable family canine, insensitive to noise, healthy, steadfast. Don’t go on his looks, he looks wild like a bear but he is a friendly little teddy bear look a-like dog. He has been one of the rare dogs to be published on stamps of many countries.

Chow Chow- as the name suggests this bear look-alike is from Northern China. In China they are also known as Fluffy Lion-dog. One of their beliefs mentions that they depict one the dogs in the customary stone guardians of the Buddhist temples and palaces. The black wooly chow chow puppy looks just like a black teddy bear. One look at them and you won’t keep yourself from hugging them.

Next in the list is the Poodle breed from Germany. Poodle puppies are either Standard or Miniature or Toy poodles. They subsist in several colors and coats. Poodles are known to be essential participants in dog-sports, dog shows mainly for their liveliness, obedience, trailing and shepherd-like characteristics. These are absolutely family pets because of their compassionate conduct, love playing games and to top it all their overall look is so like a bear it is fun to have them around especially with babies and guess what, even babies love them.

And if it’s a mix breed just like German shepherd, Akita, and Corgi Mix it surpasses all cuteness parameter. They simply are adorable and so chubby and chunkier, that you don’t need that little teddy bear in the night for a cozy sleep. Just wrap yourself with this breed and they will be happy to cuddle back, a sound sleep without having any issue.

Another mix breeds cute- bear- like dog is called as the Goldendoodle which is a mix between Golden retriever and a poodle. They may be also identified as Curly Retriever or Goldenoodle or even Groodle. This breed came into life in Northern America & Australia to help lead individuals with vision issues. Goldendoodle has three coats – straight coat, wavy coat and curly coat in white, cream or apricot or golden colors. They are known for their trainable skills and are greatly gifted. One of the only breeds who worships and provides warmth towards his owner and shares such a bond with humans like none!

The tiniest pom ever, called as the Teacup Pomeranian or miniature Pom is just 1.35 to 1.80 kg in weight and about 11 inches long. They are super-awesomely tiny and furry and you might without a shadow of doubt think of them as a white teddy bear. They will be a perfect companion for your growing tots.

One of the ancient breeds of Tibet is the Tibetan Mastiff you must have seen them in the well-known animated movie called The Tibetan Dog. They are large dogs used to protect animals such as sheep, goats from standard sized carnivores principally in the tribal areas of India, Nepal, China and Tibet. They have the habit of sleeping in the day time hence they are watchful and conscious during the night. They are strong –willed and a commanding breed, they look wild as well yet work as an admirable family dogs for the family who can handle this cute wilderness.

Samoyed puppy has been inspired from the Samoyedic’s in Siberia. With almond shaped eyes either in brown or black, a double dark coat, coiled tail, always watchful and happy makes them also known as Smiley dog. Did you know that Samoyed’s fur is used to knit wool and sweaters made from them can handle below freezing level temperature? Boy, aren’t they cuteness redefined with that charming bear face!!

A breed that took the whole of China by rage is the Panda dog. It’s not a breed with dog and bear mix but it is a mix of fluffy dogs like either a chow with dyed fur, clipped and groomed to look like one. But they so look like the panda bear it’s tricky to distinguish whether it’s a dog or a bear. In addition to the breeding, there is a catch to it; this look of the Panda dog lasts not more than 2 months, which means you will have to again go back to the breeder to give him the needed touch. It is one of the costliest pooh’s to have. But this one will rebelliously get everybody ooing and aahing while you take them for a stroll. Who wouldn’t.!!

The Bernese mountain dog from the Swiss Alps is yet another large breed dogs. They were known for pulling small carts or wagons in Switzerland and these days, because of their peaceful temperament they are also used in riding kids in cart, if given proper training. They have a triple color layers all over their body mostly white, black and brown and also most of them will have a swiss kiss white mark in and around the neck. It is a longer dog and highly muscular.

Akita puppy looks just like a small furred teddy bear and origins from Japan. There are two types of varieties one from Japan called as Akita Inu and one for America called as Akita. The only difference between them is the color palette. It is one of the most authoritative, self-sufficient and dominant breed of dogs. They are unfriendly and aloof to outsider but close with the family members. I am sure all of you dog –lovers have heard about the well-known based on true –life story, now also a movie called hachiko. He was an Akita who has his name written in the history of the pet that was the most loyal pet of his owner. In Japan, Akita has also been declared as the Japanese natural monument.

Originated from Germany, Eurasier or Eurasian is a breed of spitz. They are easily trained and extremely adorable dogs. They are composed, observant, vigilant and absolutely standoffish with strangers yet not shy or hostile. They are averaged size with small prick ears. You can find them in various colors such as tan, red, pitch black, tan and at times wolf grey. Their furry build makes a mirror image of having a bear.

Dog from Falnders used only for agricultural tasks such as cattle driving, sheep herds, pulling of carts are Bouvier De Flandres. Today they are particularly used by the police and guards to keep a close watch. This is because of their levelheaded sturdy, unyielding and rough feature. They are family-friendly pets too. However if you are someone who gets frustrated with the constant grooming or chasing behind anyone in the park that is moving or aggression towards other pets, then thos one isn’t for you.

With a life span of more than 10 years, Cane Corso is the best Italian breed dog who can ever prove his sincerity. They are basically used as a protector dog or a hunter dog. They come in various colors from black, red to beige and brindle. They have a unruffled outlook, are aloof and unwavering and can be trained easily. They need their share of exercise and socializing for them to be normal.

Australian Labradoodle puppies’ looks just like a brown colored teddy bear. It’s a mixed breed between Labrador retriever and a Poodle and that’s how it gets its name Labradoodle. They are trainable and tremendously welcoming to kids. Furthermore these breeds are extremely witty, jovial and happy and are capable of handling special tasks. It is clearly a non-aggressive dog. So he can be your next pup if your daughter is longing for live teddy bear at home.

Who doesn’t love Pomeranians? They are simply cute with a lovely little face that just melts your heart.  And when these pom’s are puppies with fur on them, you might just feel you cuddled a little bear instead. They have a span for about 15 to 16 years, highest in dogs. They are full of life, responsive, good-natured, sharp, and active and extrovert. Their origin is Germany but is world famous and exists in many, many colors from black, off-white to milky white, browns, orange and even grey. Go get yourself a lovely, lively toy for years to come.

Do you remember Rosie from Dennis the Menace? France’s Briard dog looks like a bear espoused by a Hippie. These dogs became popular in 1983 in one of the dog shows in Paris. It was used as a messenger in the earlier times but now-a-days it is been used as a companion dog or by the police, military uses them for search operations and at times in rescue jobs. They exist in any of the three shades of these colors black gray or yellowish-brown. They are also known for their therapy roles especially in hospitals or schools or even for autism kids. Imagine, with these dogs at home, none of you will ever need a spa therapy. They will be your super stress-buster day in and day out.

Now for someone who is as huge as a bear yet very cute pup – Caucasian Shepherd. You can literally cuddle with him just like you do with your teddy bear. This breed is formerly from Caucasus Mountains and is a natural breed. With modest deep-set dark eyes, coat that is weather defiant and exist in gray, fawn, brindle and white colors.

So here were some of the best bear look-alikes dogs that can be your pets. Aren’t you swarmed by the cuteness already? What are you waiting for, go get yourself one of the above chubby, cutie pie who can not only act as a divine pet but also your bedtime soul mate – the teddy bear!!