Dogs That Shed The Most


Know All About Dog Shedding!

Dogs losing their hair are one of the most frustrating parts of keeping a pet at home. Whether it’s a smaller dog or a bigger dog or any breed, they are bound to shed their hair and how. It is one thing every pet-dog owner has to get adapted to how much ever irritating it may be. The furrier the puppy, the cuter he is but the messier it is to groom him, to keep him looking neat and good-looking. Their healthy, shiny coats make them charming and pretty to all of us. But taking care of these coats is a gruesome task.

First-time pet owners be vigilant before getting into this big liability! Yes, these pup’s are too cute to make us forget all the gruesome tasks we have to undertake to maintain their cuteness.


Read further to get a quick view on all about the symptoms & causes of shedding, how to stop dog shedding, dogs that shed the most, dogs that shed the least and remedies.

Dog shedding is a normal process for every dog. Most of the time, they shed because either their hair are too old or too damaged. The quantity of shedding is directly proportionate to the dog’s health and breed form. At times, change of season can also be a reason for a particular breed to shed its hair. For instance, in winters a particular breed, in a very cold country will grow bulky coats and by spring they will shed all that they developed. Additionally, indoor dogs will mostly have a consistent amount of shedding spread squarely over the year.

Other than the normal shedding, if your dog is losing hair terribly, then its time you need take a good close look of what is the rationale. There are many reasons such as anxiety, deprived diet and medical issues for your dog to shed terribly. Some of the causes of extreme amount of shedding could be parasites or bacterial allergy, fungal infection, food allergy, any issue regarding liver or kidney, pregnancy and/or lactation phase, medicine allergy, cancer, suntan, trauma due to licking, consumption of toxic substance etc. It goes without saying that the Vet is the best person to analyze the cause of such unnecessary shedding.

When you see the following symptoms its time to visit the vet – irritation of the skin, redness or rashes all over the body, pores that are open, thinning of the coat, hairless patch, hair that pulls out easily, rubbing and constant foot licking or face rubbing! Some of the things that you can do at home is to provide him good food with appropriate nutrition. There are many pet products that offer exact nutrient packed products which just work in good health with the dogs.

Here you might want to check whether your dog doesn’t get any kind of allergies or sensitivities toward the dog food. It is always good to check with your veterinarian for such dog foods.

Is There Any Way You Can Reduce The Shedding?

Here are some tips to trim down the shedding by some handy changes thereby aiming a cleaner house:

Like discussed earlier, it is a natural process hence we can only try and reduce excessive shedding due to health or any infection. To start with, keep a habit of regularly brushing your dog’s hair especially if he is one with a thick coat. Again, there are specific brushes that you can buy for your puppy. Don’t let go off the Vet’s suggestions. You can also check out slicker brushes or shedding blades or love gloves.

These are some of the important one time investment to groom your canine companion. Regular brushing will not only help keep the pup’s coat healthy and shiny but it will also help keeping your house free of your pup’s hair which is major pet-peeves of all times.

Try and supplement your dog’s food with some fatty acids. They are very helpful in keeping the hair healthy and shiny.

Another tedious task is removing your pup’s hair from the sofas or beds. Pup slowly and gradually becomes our family and it goes without saying that they are allowed everywhere right from the car to the kitchen to the bedrooms and so comes along their hair too. The best way is to cover the bed, car seats and sofas with furniture throws and/or car seat covers as the hair gets attracted to these things like a magnet. These throws will not only allow your furniture to look better but will also keep the smell out.

It will be a good investment as oppose to spending a bomb on new furniture every other year. Furthermore, you can also buy a pet hair roller which simply pulls out hair from the furniture and the beds. It’s easy and cost-effective.

Like your dentist appointment, you need to have regular visits to the Vet who can keep a record of any allergies or fleas that might cause the shedding to be kept on control. If you are able to control these infections, you will be able to reduce the shedding to quite an extent.

With a fluffy dog, vacuuming becomes an everyday regime. This will keep your house chic with an adorable canine companion to love. Giving bathe to the dog is another way to keep him clean and healthier. Depending upon the season, you need to increase the times you give him a bath. For instance in winters you can schedule the bathe once a month however in summers you should try giving fortnightly. Keep in mind, use gentle doggie shampoo while bathing him. These shampoos have the necessary ingredients to keep their coat shinier and healthier. So never use human shampoos even in dire situations. That can cause rashes too.

Few products that will help to reduce the shedding: Before trying any of the below mentioned products, it is mandatory that you check with your vet whether these are safe and suitable for your little canine buddy.

Checkout the supplements – they provide the essential nutrients required for a good healthy coat that shines. Companion Shed Essentials has the vital fatty acids, Shed X Dog has zinc and antioxidants with appetizing flavor, Lipiderm is specifically for dermatitis, AKC skin and coat has mix of natural oils, herbs, minerals and vitamins.

Besides these supplements, you can try one of these shampoos  – Furminator deShedding Conditioner & shampoo with vitamins and proteins that keeps their hair shining and clean, Groomers Blend Shed defence shampoo comes with fatty acids, antioxidanst and has super aromatic fragnace, Veterinary Formula Clinical Care shampoo.

Here Is A Quick List On Dogs That Shed The Most –

1. The first in the list is Akita from the hilly regions of Japan. To protect them from the chilly winters, they have been gifted with a thick coat. They have a short coat but it is double layered. they shed persistently like no other dog.

2. Alaskan Malamute again from the icy region of Alaska has a coating that keeps them warm even in the frosty winters of northern Alaska. It goes without saying that they will be shedding the most especially in springs.

3. American Eskimo is a North European breed and is associated to German Spitz. They are small in size but have a double layered hair coat which keeps on shedding all round the year.

4. Another one to top the list is the Corgi. They are again smaller in size but they shed all along the year.

5. One of the cutest dogs from China – Chow Chow. Their charm and cuteness is nothing but the double coats of fur on them which they shed almost every day.

6. German shepherd dogs are the globally famous. They are known as regular shedder although most of the times they shed twice a year.

7. The great pyrenees are the most beautiful dogs till date. They are from the Pyrenees Mountains of France and Spain. Even they have long thick dense coats to hello them survive the cold weather. And once the winters are gone, they start shedding during the hot summers.

8. Labrador retriever is another regular shedder although it has a short small coat. It is one of the much loved pets of the Americans. These dogs are water retrievers hence to keep them warm in these atrocities; they have been gifted with dense hair coating.

9. The corgi devoid of a tail is another excessive shedder. As these dogs were initially used by cattle driver, they needed them to be clean and ready for jobs almost every day especially in the rainy season. These dogs have coats that can be easily washed and shed so as to keep them warm.

10. Lastly, the cutest but wilder looking dog – The Siberian Husky! He is known to be excessive shedder. It is a common fact that these dogs are from Siberia and need such thick dense coats to save and protect them from the Siberian winters. They were used to drag heavy carts in one of the coldest places in the world.

Here Is A Quick Look On Dogs That Shed The Least-

1. Chinese Shar –Pei known for their wrinkled skin and bluish black tongue with three types of fur horse –type, brush –type and bear-type. They only shed twice in the whole year. The good-natured, intense and audacious and come with a short coat so very little shedding.

2. Airedale Terrier has a wiry outer coat with a soft undercoat do not shed much. Just brush them once a week and they should be just fine.

3. Portuguese water dog sheds very little hair but to keep them looking cute, you need to brush them frequently.

4. Known for their customary coats, this soft and fluffy Wheaten Terrier again loose out very little hair.

5. Bullmastiff are the best home pet dog because it needs minimum amount of exercise, sheds very little, are strong but very lovable.

6. Bichon Frise although is a fluffy puppy, doesn’t shed a lot! However its thick coat as times starts matting but with regular brushing they would simply be the cutest lap buddy ever.

7. The oldest pup breed with fringes and butterfly –like ears – Papillon have silky hair and are absolutely low-maintenance.

8. The breed with short coat having hair growing in the opposite direction, known for hunting are the Rhodesian Ridgeback!. They don’t need any grooming because of their very little hair on their back.

9. Vizsla’s only shed during summer and springs and with their less uncouth coats it is easier to maintain their shine and yet have no hair issues.

10. Maltese win our hearts with their cute little bundle of body just like cotton but as they don’t have any undercoat, they don’t shed like other furry dogs and can be groomed without needing any professional services whatsoever.

11. Brittany is very sporty. They have a tendency of shedding mud and dirt instead of hair when its gets dried off. So less of messy hair with him around!!Mastiffs do not have a large coat hence the shedding is minimum.

12. The one with the largest brain is the Chihuahua and their coat is long and silky at the same time. Boston Terrier are very passionate and playful. You might need to give them rare grooming just to keep them neat and tidy. Other than this, the dog doesn’t shed like the other fluffy ones.

When one is speaking of dogs who are not messy and yet intelligent, you can’t forget Doberman pinscher.  They are the best pet family dog you can ever have. They get trained easily, are very loyal and alert and have short coat so no hair-mess too. What more can you ask for?

So you see it is very common for almost all dogs to shed. But the reasons becomes of importance when the shedding is excessive. Now that you have a clear understanding of which breeds shed, which doesn’t  and what is the cause behind excessive shedding, go get yourself the puppy that suits you the best. And as far as the shedding is concerned, you can take care of that with the above tips. Happy petting!!!