A Short Note on Eco Friendly Mole Traps

Mole Trap

What is Mole?

Mole is a small mammal with fur and a cylindrical body. The fur of moles is velvety, and their eyes and ears are tiny. Their hind limbs are short whereas their forelimbs have vast and powerful paws to help them dig.

Moles can be found mostly in North America, Europe, and Asia. They can uniquely tolerate the high level of carbon dioxide. Therefore, moles can manage in underground burrows where the oxygen levels are low. Another unique characteristic about moles is that they have an extra thumb right next to their regular thumb.

This little mammal mostly live underground and can easily move through the mud. They mainly consume insect larvae and worms. Since they have weak eye sights, they find their food employing touch and smell.

Problems Caused by Moles

Mole trap

Moles are quite capable of spoiling a lawn, a yard or landscape. They create tunnels which ruin the looks and quality of the lawn or garden. Also, they leave large piles of dirt on the sod.

People have lawns and yards along their houses, and most of them love to maintain it well, but the moles make a mess and trouble them a lot.

There are a number of solutions in the market for moles such as sprays, oils, poisons, etc. but none of them are really of great help. The only solution to get rid of moles is a mole trap.

Mole Trap

There are different types of mole traps: harpoon, scissor, underground clamp traps, spear traps, paper clip traps. But these traps are not easy to use; they are not user-friendly, and one needs to be skilled and has good experience to use them. One ought to know the correct way to use them along with the right place to situate them. The best area to place the traps is the surfaces of the tunnels.

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There are two kinds of tunnels; one is winding feeder tunnel, which is used mostly once by the moles. The other one is straighter travel tunnel; this is frequently used by the moles and is their multi-purpose tunnel.

The traps should be setting on these straight travel tunnels which are usually built on the sides. One must know how to identify the correct tunnel accurately, also should be sure of the direction, depth and sensitivity of the tunnel.

Functioning of Some Mole Traps

Mole Traps

Spear Traps should be setting on the surface of the tunnel. It should squish down the tunnel, and then the spear should be placed on the top. The trigger should be the dirt. When the mole crawls in the tunnel, the trigger pushes, and the spear will slam.

Scissor Traps too must be placed on top of the existing tunnel. It has scissor blades on each side. When mole crawls through the tunnel, the trigger will get pushed, and the leaves will kill the mole.

Paper Clip Traps place inside the tube. They are placed back to back each facing outward. As the mole crawls in the tunnel, it will hit a pin holding the trap and the traps will then kill it.

Lots of precautions are also to be taken into account, once the trap is set animals and children should stay away from the area.

The traps could awfully hurt someone, so it is best to be extremely careful. Since mole traps require lots of skills as well as caution considering a professional is advised.

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There are top and bottom traps available in the market. One can refer to the directions given on the pack and use it accordingly.

To conceal the trap and prevent tampering inverting a bucket would help. The best time to indulge in trapping activity is spring time. During the spring, the ground is moist and moles are very active then.