How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

Ever Wondered About the Life Expectancy of Guinea Pigs?

Guinea pigs live with a lifespan of 4 to 8 years. The origin of this animal is Andes. They do not exist in the wild but are of homely nature breeds.

Biological experiments are carried out on this animal since the 17th century. They are mostly used in the research, mainly as a model for the medical conditions in humans like tuberculosis, Juvenile diabetes and pregnancy complications. These can breed throughout the year.

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Guinea pigs are one of the friendliest rodents you can find. They are kept as pets from the 16th century! This adorable animal needs an excellent environment and an affectionate family for staying happy. Given below are a few tips for setting the cage of guinea pigs, keeping it entertained and well-fed and acting in case you spot any problem:

How to Setup Special Homes for Guinea Pigs to Improve Their Lifetime?

Given below are a few tips for setting the cage of guinea pigs, keeping it entertained and well-fed and acting in case you spot any problem:

#1. Buying the Right Cage

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

Give a minimum of 10 sq. ft. living space for 2 guinea pigs. This space helps in preventing any fights between the males, fights between guinea pigs and also decreases the risks of obesity, bloat and gas- build up by giving enough room for exercise.

  • Get some cages and look for that one which you can easily clean. Does your hand go inside the cage conveniently? Are you able to brush it inside?
  • It is important that the cage gets enough light inside. This keeps the guinea pigs happy. There should also be a dark corner in the cage, or a small house where the little one can sleep and hide when it does not want to have any interaction with the world outside. Each guinea pig should get a separate space of its own.
  • The room where the cage is kept should have a stable temperature. Guinea pigs cannot withstand higher temperatures.
  • Make sure you do the bedding for the guinea pigs in the cage only with the guinea pig bedding. You can get that from any pet shop. Change it regularly so that you can avoid getting them caught with diseases from their own faeces.

#2. Installing a Water Dispenser and a Food Station

How Long Do Guinea Pigs Live?

Water dispensers and food for the guinea pigs are broadly available in pet shops and online, too.

Go for the study model and also be sure that it is big enough to feed all the guinea pigs you have. Place those in some accessible place.

  • You can give your animals something they can chew on. Guinea pigs require keeping their teeth down. In case you leave a wooden piece from an orchard or an apple tree, your animal would have fun playing with it.
  • Guinea pigs don’t drink so often. It is entirely normal as they can also extract the water from the vegetable matter.
  • Make sure you are not using any other thing than orchard wood or some chewing treat you got from the pet-shop. All the other kinds of wood can be poisonous and can even kill the pet.