How Long Does It Take To Housebreak A Puppy?


In today’s modern society, having a pet in your home is not just a hobby of people, but it is more than a status symbol for the masses. Moreover, pets are not only pets nowadays; they are an important part of your life and family. You take their care, not as your pet, but as your child, and hence, house training your puppy is equally important. It is not only about training your puppy to perform well in his day-to-day activities, but also it is about the love, consistency, positive attachment, and patience between you two. It is a goal you have to achieve so that you can instill numerous good habits in your puppy and can strengthen the bond with your puppy. This process of training a puppy for his day-to-day activities is known as housebreaking. Nevertheless, why housebreaking is required? How to perform the housebreaking process? What are the essential things required to housebreak a puppy? And most importantly, how long does it take to housebreak a puppy? I know these questions will be going through your mind, and you will be eager to know the answers. Do not worry, all your answers are here presented in the article, hence, just sit back with your pet, relax and read on to acquaint yourself about housebreaking your pet.

How Long Does It Take To Housebreak A Puppy?


Housebreaking- An Overview

As discussed above, getting your puppy trained for day-to-day activities in the proper manner and procedure is called the housebreaking. However, in the British English, housebreaking is also known as ‘House-Training.’ No matter what you call it, either housebreaking or house-training, they both serve the same purpose. Primarily, in the process of housebreaking, your domesticated pet is taught to excrete, urinate outside of your house, or in a fixed indoor area. This training is mainly required when a pet is staying with its human owners inside a house or some other residence. Hence, at that time, it is important to train your pets to release their waste outside in the open areas and keep your house tidy. As we know that the major goal of this process is to break the habit of eliminating waste in the house, and hence, the process of housebreaking is also known as ‘Potty Training,’ a common synonym for the main word. Sometimes, the wild animals are also being domesticated, and hence, training them for the same is also known as housebreaking process.

How Long Does It Take To Housebreak A Puppy?
It takes around 4 to 6 months to get your puppy fully house trained. However, this duration may vary from breed to breed. As informed earlier, the larger the breed, the easy it will be to house train them. Try to start your housebreak training as your puppy gets 12 weeks old, as teaching something in very young age is easy.

How To Housebreak Your Puppy?

Whenever you get a new pet or puppy in your house, they have negligible understanding of the proper places to remove or release their wastes, unless you teach them or in technical words, housebreak them. It is not just the training for your puppy; it is one of the most important aspects of caring and concern you show towards him. You may be feeling now that housebreaking your puppy is a daunting task, and you will not be able to perform it. However, the case is just opposite of this. Just gaining some basic knowledge of the correct procedures to train your puppy is more than enough, and you can make him master these techniques in no time.

Hence, let us have looked into some of the most effective and proven techniques to housebreak the pets:

Try To Give Proper Environment To Your Puppy

Yes, the very first thing you need to do is to give the right environment. You may not have any idea, but the puppies have no inherent understanding about the rights and wrongs of the life. They do not understand that it is “good” and it is not a good behavior, or to urinate on the carpet is not right. To them, carpet is one of the coziest places to pee, as same as the grass from your lawn. Hence, it is your responsibility to teach them which place is a better choice to perform these tasks.

Never Punish Your Puppy For Accidents

Doing so can be the biggest mistake you can ever do, the result of which will be the reduced bonding between you and your puppy. He would not know why you are punishing him. Moreover, punishing him mentally and physically will only make him scared, thereby forcing him to go and hide between some isolated places, where he will not be able to feel your presence. Therefore, it is always advisable that you apply positive housebreaking strategies and procedures so that your puppy can learn some good and new things.

Focus On The Breed Of Your Puppy

This is an important advice, and under any circumstances, you cannot afford to miss it. The breed of your dog is an important indicator of the hard work that will be required from your side to housebreak them. When it comes to the question of breeds, larger dogs are easy to housebreak as compared to the toy dogs. As the toy dogs’ frequency of removing the waste is more than the larger dogs, they require more of the training as you have less time between training them and developing of any undesirable habit in them.

Choose Some Specific Area, Where Your Puppy Can “Go.”

Whenever you take him for a walk, or when you come back home from the walk, train him to remove all of his body waste in the designated or predefined area. As a landmark, you can always show him some structure like the pillar, stone, etc. so that he remembers that landmarks get himself free in the designated area only.