Essential Tips On How To Choose A Dog Breed?


Why Do You, People Love Dogs?

A lot of articles have been written about “man’s best friends” and many more will be in the offing, the only difference can be a change in title and content. All said and done, dogs can be defined as the least expensive and best effective way of protecting your property and loved family members. Doctors have proved that humans with dogs as pets are more confident, less prone to negative feelings such as depression, stress and anxiety etc. Children raised with dogs have immune systems better than those who do not have any pets.

Dogs have the ability to sense feelings of sadness and bliss. You had a hard day in the office and when you come home, a simple wag of the tail and a curl around your legs by your pet can decrease feelings of stress and anxiety. It also has to be noted, that they have to be well trained from their infant stage by a positive minded individual. A dog can perform to his/her best and it is up to the “Master” to get the most out of them. A puppy is like a baby and if trained properly can outsmart other animals by its sharpness and skills.


Veterinary specialists have noted that every dog has its individual characteristic and when you adopt a pup, ensure that your character suits the traits of the animal. There have been instances when you have adopted a dog, but you have neither searched the internet for training them nor gone to the local vet on how to groom a dog personally. In these cases, the dog does not get training and after some time, you will feel the dog is dumb when your commands are not performed. Training a dog to behave is an art that you will get only in due course of time. Always bear in mind, no dog is stupid. If you are a dog owner, kindly ensure that you devote sufficient time to understand the signs of your pet, and then train the dog.

It is estimated the most number of deaths by pet dogs occur due to inadequate training and lack of communication. For training, you will be glad to know there are schools that charge less on how to train any dog breed and you can get the address from the Yellow Pages or internet.

You will be given information on how to choose a dog from among the best breeds, but before that kindly ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you fulfill the responsibility of a pet owner?
  • Do you have the required space for a dog of your favorite breed, room to be kept for crate and food bowls?
  • Can you take the dog out for exercise, fresh air? Does your time allow you to spend some time for your pet? If you cannot perform the duty on a day, can you share it with another member of your family?
  • Does the family budget afford you the cost of the dog, visits to the vet, play accessories, special food, vaccinations and health checks?
  • Pups or grown up dogs are like little children. Some time is essential to make them cater to your commands. Are you prepared to spend the necessary time? Remember, training is a life-long commitment.
  • If you are an individual who frequently travels  according to your job profile, can you make the necessary arrangement so that someone will take care when you are not at home?
  • If you have brought home a puppy, then these little rascals chew everything in their path. So you have to make arrangements so that everything light and durable should be kept on the rack.

Your passion of adopting a pup is more and you have answered in the positive note to all the above mentioned questions. Now the next step is choosing a suitable breed for you.

Choosing A Breed

  • You have to check on the weather conditions. There are some breeds of dogs that can live only in cold climate and some which can survive in hot conditions.
  • Are you comfortable adopting a pup or a dog that is mid-aged? Do not adopt a Great Dane and be petrified about your pet in later days.
  • Are you a person who strives hard to achieve goals or do you accept anything as per the passage of time?

Training a dog needs commitment, perfection and endurance. Training will be difficult in the initial stages, but your journey with your animal companion will be a bed of roses if you have trained it to be sociable and presentable. Some dogs require rigorous training and heavy exercise routine (pit bull) while others (poodles) need less time and energy.

Some dogs are prone to allergies. A dog has to be treated as a family member; some have long coats of hair while others do not. You need to properly groom their hair. Select a dog suitable to your needs – protector dog, status symbol or only pets. If you have children, senior citizens or disabled people, select the breed that interacts well and does not display aggressive nature towards any of them. If you have other pets such as cats or birds, select the breed that can adapt to other animals.

How To Choose A Dog Breed?

If you have read the above mentioned points, have got sufficient information on the requisite qualities of being a dog owner, you can visit the local pet store. You can also gain valuable information from the local veterinary clinic or hospital. You can also search the internet and visit various kennels, animal shelters etc. In your mind, you would have thought of a few dog breeds. Or, you would have thought you can get the best one after gaining vital information. In both the cases, you will deselect many, and decide on the one suitable for your family.

Before Selection

You have picked on the suitable breed. But, before selecting the right puppy, ask questions about its origin. Do not take a young one from a puppy producing factory. Go for the kennel-affiliated store where animals are treated as members of the family. If you can, see the parents of the pet who is going to be your companion for life. Agreed, it will take some time to get the perfect one, but it will be time well-spent.