Top 7 Ways To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden


Both domesticated and feral cats are fiercely independent and unpredictable. Typically, if cats do not have enough space to play, dig, and scrape around, they will look for another area to use as a litter box. Nevertheless, not everyone dreams about these frisky felines intruding into their beautiful gardens or seeking food in their yards. At the same time, you cannot follow the pets’ movement all day long. Thus, you can use some solutions, which are listed below, to discourage cats from visiting your yard.

The following hints and tips will help you to keep cats out of the garden:

  1. Keep your fertile pets indoors

The unneutered male cats can easily smell a female cat in heat from miles away. So it is recommended to keep your fertile cat inside your house when your pet is in heat. Otherwise, you won’t be able to keep cats at bay.

  1. Close your kids’ sandbox

If possible, keep your children’s sandbox covered when they are not playing there. The uncovered sandboxes look very inviting to cats and other animals. If you cannot cover it, remove the sandbox from your garden. Thus, you can protect your children from zoonotic diseases, as the sandbox that was left open may contain cat’ excrements.

Create a special cat sandbox and place it near your garden, to offer outdoor cats a more appealing spot to do their business at. Thus, you will prevent them from intruding into your yard.

  1. Remove water or food from outdoors

Refrain from feeding your cat, birds, or other pets near your garden. Some leftovers can easily attract other cats to your area.

  1. Remove bird feeders

Cats frequently search for easier prey. Therefore, you should move your bird feeder or birdbath to a hard-to-get area where the fluffy hunters cannot reach them. Otherwise, you have no chance to keep cats out of the yard.

  1. Use commercial cat repellents

There are varieties of powerful cat repellents that will prevent outdoor felines littering in your place. These chemical solutions feature smells typical for cats’ natural enemies. Even feral cats are smart enough to keep away from the spots marked by larger predators. Just spray or place repellents around the area, e.g. on any attractive digging spots or plants and on top of fences. You can shop them at pet stores or online. These products are made of natural ingredients to avoid poisoning. Follow the instructions for use them properly.

  1. Apply motion-activated sprinklers

As the most cats are afraid of water and hate getting wet, this solution may help you to keep pets out of your garden. Place the sprinklers at areas, which cats use to get into the yard. Buy several devices, as the pets in the neighborhood can find another way to sneak into your property. The device detects an outdoor feline entering the spot and then shoots out a burst of water. You can buy motion-activated sprinklers online for 40 to 100 USD.

  1. Buy ultrasonic devices

The best way to keep cats out of your garden is to buy an ultrasonic cat repellent. The motion-activated ultrasonic devices cover a yard or garden with an infrared field. When a cat enters the detected area, the device emits an unpleasant sound that is imperceptible to humans but id highly annoying to pets. The price varies from 20 to 40 USD from different online suppliers.

Using these simple tricks will help you to keep cats out of your garden or yard.