Know More About The Top Dog Food Brands For Your Canine Buddy!!


I recently adopted a mixed breed dog, one of the best days of my life. Cannot begin to tell you how happy I am about this adoption. She was rescued from very traumatic circumstances which is why she was so timid and into her. But now it’s been 10 days and she is completely active, started getting to know us all in my family and behaves as if she was living with us for all these years.

This is what a dog does to you. Simply becomes a part of your life – the love Oh so pure, the innocence and above all the sincerity with what they bestow their lives onto us. Dogs are the best gifts to humankind and no one ever can debate that fact. But with that comes all the responsibility and it is as similar to taking care of a new born child.


Right from their vaccinations to the right food, everything is important and needs to be perfected. Vaccinations are provided by the vets and they certainly give you a schedule of what needs to be given and when.

However with respect to their eating habits – what is the best dog food available and which are the top dog food brands? I was in this dilemma too and with a little help from my Vet and a little research have made me write this article which will clearly inform you about the best foods for dogs.

It goes without saying that there are number of dog’s food available in the market making it all the more challenging for us to elect which ones to go for. While we discuss some of the best foods for dogs, it is important to know that there are various types of dog food available in the market like dry food, protein-rich food, etc and at times they are specifically meant a particular type of breed too.

What Are The Good Food Brand?

We will however discuss the best foods for dogs in the dry category along with specific brands which offers special food for special breeds or to take care of a particular situation your dog may be going through.

The Wellness brand has about 7 foods in the dry category with an average price of $50 for a packet. Plus it is full of flaxseed making it a yummy treat for the dogs. The brand also has protein rich food for dogs but their dry range is the best and cost-effective too.

Next brand is the Taste of the wild again having about seven food products in the dry category. The best part about their product is they are viable for all the pups whatever their age is. Additionally the product Prairie doesn’t have grain and is made with purified water. This particular quality gives them a brownie point and works for all the dogs that are allergy-prone to non-purified water. Your pup is never getting any allergy!

Now if you are the one who is looking at getting your dog to perform at dog shows or is already performing then Solid Gold Barking at the Moon is the brand you should look at. It is priced at around $85 and has a huge content of ocean fish meal. And it doesn’t have ethoxyquin, so the dog can perform to best of its ability without any allergy whatsoever.

Another brand which works best for the pups is Orijen and they have about six products in the dry food category. Their products have herrings, omega-3 fatty acids, essential oils and probiotics. All these ingredients make the product imperative for an enhanced health-quality for the dog as well as augment their digestive systems. Particularly works with dogs having delicate immune or digestive system.

Last but not the least Nature’s Variety has about five products in the dry food category and are priced between $60 and $70 for a pack. These products have insulin, carbohydrates taken from the chicory roots. This works well for all those dogs having high blood sugar levels and need extra strength. Makes these products to die for!!

Natural Balance synergy has some of the best ingredients for your pup such as beet pulp which can work for his intestines and keep his sugar level normal, oatmeal and B-vitamins will give your pup the necessary nutrients for his overall healthy state. They come for $50 a pack. So if you follow the healthy regime and believe in going vegan even for your pup, this is the product you should look at.

Honest kitchen embark are pros with their dehydrated food selection and have about seven varieties in their dry food category. If you have a breed which needs a gluten free diet food then this is the product to vouch for. They specialize in gluten-free, cage-free turkey along with celery, apple and spinach variety. And the best thing is to just pour the ingredient of the packet in the water and it becomes a superb treat for your dog.

If you are looking for a product brand which has enormous amount of minerals, yet is digestible, is grain-free yet with high quality of proteins rich food then you should buy Evo Turkey and chicken Meal formula. They come in the range of $50 a pack and are best to give your pups good muscles and healthier bone.

Another American dog’s food company called Canidae food which range between $40 and $50 for a pack are the best your pup can get. Most of their products do not have corn or wheat or soy, none of the grain stuffs. Additionally they are naturally preserved. Their main ingredients are rich in either chicken or turkey or lamb or fish.

One more brand that comes within the range of $50 for a pack is Merrick Classic range of products. They have about seven varieties in the dry range with sweet potatoes and gluten-free products which makes it one of the best foods for your little one. And the pork fat gives it the taste as well as the essential omega-6 fatty acids. So looking for a tasty meal with nutrients just appropriate for a healthy coat and a healthier dog, certainly try out Merrick Classic.

Now if your pup is having some allergy then the best product to give is Addiction. It is one of the best hypoallergenic brand filled with anti-oxidant rich fruits and vegetables, what more can you ask for? And if you are looking to give your little pup a treat filled with meat then aginst the grain is the best brand. As the name suggests, this pack is filled with chunks of fish and beef.

A 20-year old legacy brand called Blackwood is an American brand which has some of the best dog-treats in the world. They have a variety of products with minerals and nutrients combined making it a best pack for dogs wanting adequate nutrient apart from their daily food.

Now-a-days with the climate change and pollution, you never know when will you little pup is under the weather. During these times, the best product given to them is Blue Baffalo which is filled with nutrients and vitamins. They work best to give your canine buddy the quick relief and enhance the immune system.

However if you are looking for a great variety that too for different kind of breeds then Nature’s recipe is the one to go for. They have almost all variety and helping your pup to either lose weight or take care of his coat or help him with digestion, they just have everything under the sun to keep your dog happy and content.

Another great dog product with food sensitivities is the California Natural.

And if you are one of those who like to give it back to the earth then you should certainly try back to basics. They are a legend in dog’s food and they also plant a tree every time one of their products gets sold out. Isn’t it a great thing to look forward to?

Want your dog to just enjoy and play around in the park for hours together? Then buy products from Dogswell. Try out their Happy Hips or Vitality of Shape Up or even Mellow Mut. They just work fine with any breeds and help them with fast recovery.

Another brand that has everything is called Holistic and as the name suggest they literally have everything that is good for a dog to live a healthy life. Their product has carbohydrates, the right amount of fatty acids and nutrients to keep that canine companion happy with the food and healthy immune system.

Well, you must have heard about anti-ageing products for humans but what about anti-ageing products for dogs? It is a fact. Young again, as the brand names goes, is all about rejuvenating your dog’s cells and their life. They have products which help keep your dog looking and living young.

Most of the dogs like raw foodstuffs. They might have allergy to cook food as we prefer. So if your pup is the one to like raw fresh food then Sojos Complete is the brand to go for. They provide absolutely fresh raw food which also includes freeze dried meat. They might sound weird but trust me they are loved by the raw-meat eating dogs.

Do you want to actually treat your pup with something out of the world and just right for them? Well, try out the brand called Taste of the Wild. They have anything and everything from a roasted quail to smoked duck to a roasted turkey. And to top it all, they are absolutely nutritious and healthy. Won’t it just be the right thanksgiving treat to your little buddy this year?

If you are real animal lovers especially dog lovers and believe in adopting dogs at the same time wanting to do more for stray dogs or dog shelter homes, then you just need to buy a pack of DogforDog products. In return, then deliver a pack of the same product to one of the dog shelter homes. So you see, you not only help your pup with some fine treat but also give an opportunity for the other dogs in the dog shelter home to enjoy these treats. You get the feel of doing something for these beautiful little friends other than the one you have at home. A very good concept to support the dogs community and at the same time work towards providing the best of products.

Did you know that Ellen DeGeneres is the co-owner of the brand called Halo? Halo also is associated with Shelter Me – a shelter organization for dogs in Los Angeles. They have some of the best products for dogs under their kitty. You should certainly give them a chance, considering Ellen is a co-owner.

Hill’s is a brand which goes all out for their customers and the love for dogs. When they provide you product they will also assist you with details such as what care to be taken for the dogs, what should be the age to give what kind of food stuffs and what you can expect from them at different stages, what allergies to be looked at, what food items are a complete no-no for the dogs etc. so if you are looking at a free session on dog-care, at the same time buy fantastic dog food, then these are the products to look for

So mentioned above are some the best foods for your canine companion. But before buying them, always take a tick marked from your vet before adding any of the new products, diet to your dog’s food regime. And remember, whenever you give your little pup a new food item, give them in a very small quantity and check for any reactions. And if he gets any reaction or allergy to the new food item, you need to completely stop the use of that product before getting it checked from a vet. Hoping that you have a complete list on the top brands for dogs food.