Learn About Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs


“A dog is a man’s best friend”…all of us have heard this maxim and only those who owned one would ever realize the true essence of it. In our lives, many a times we find ourselves hurt or even betrayed by our loved ones. However, a pet dog has never been found betraying its owner. Those days when you had to work long hours and reached home late, you must have found your pet dog sitting at the entrance, waiting for you. The moment it comes to realize that you are back, it starts to celebrate by wagging its tail and barking. It jumps on you, licks your hands and face, makes you feel how special you are for it. Do not those happy memories bring tears to your eyes! , only a dog can teach you, the language without words. Whenever an unknown person would enter the house, it will alert everyone by shouting at the top of its voice. Owning a dog has many benefits. However, there are certain aspects that might put you in an awkward situation. One such this is — Dog aggression towards other dogs.

Just imagine that you have taken your dog out for a walk in the park. There you meet one of your friends after a long time, who has come with his dog. You are just about to call his name, and all on a sudden your dog starts barking at his. It is trying to get loose and pounce on its counterpart. You do not usually find your dog reacting like that.The other is trying to do the same as well. The scenario will not be very pleasant, will it? I can still remember my pet dog barking at other dogs. They do attack and hurt the other dog severely and at times can even go to the extent of killing the other dog. A dog’s aggression towards other dogs is a common thing. At first, we need to understand, the reasons for a dogs aggression towards other dogs.

Why Some Dogs Are  Aggressive Towards Other Dogs?



Expression of emotions is not the same in the case of dogs and human beings. They do not have the ability to communicate in spoken language as we do. Many a times they might feel threatened or simple afraid in the presence of another dog. And it is only natural for any creature to defend them against any threat. As per them, offense is the best defense! Hence, they behave violently on seeing another dog. This might include barking, showing teeth or even pouncing and hurting the other dog. This is a very common scenario, which every dog owner might have experienced.


Many animals have the tendency to mark its territory, which they do by urinating at different places and by many other means. Dogs are no exception to this. Especially, when dogs are domesticated they develop a possessive attitude. They become possessive about the place, the family members and everything around them. Whenever they find any other dog, entering the house or touching anything that belongs to it, they exhibit abnormal behavior. They cannot stand their owner touching or cuddling any other puppy and reacts violently whenever any such things happen. Hence, out of insecurity the dogs often become aggressive and attack other dogs.


Mentality varies from person to person, and the same holds good in case of dogs as well. Some dogs have an inherent tendency to dominate over others. In case you have more than one dog in your house, it is more than likely that you would experience this. The one that wants to dominate over others will exert their dominance in many ways. For example, they will spoil the other dogs’ meal and attack them physically. If they find out, that the family members are giving more attention to other dogs, they will go crazy and do anything within their ability to gather attention. If they see their owner cuddling any puppy, they can even go to the extent of killing the puppy.


Many opt for having a pet dog for safety reason. A dog’s ability to hear and smell is many times stronger than ours is. Many believe they also have the ability to foresee any untoward incidents. For example, they come to realize if the owner is going to have a heart attack or if there is going to be an accident. It might appear, cock and bull story to you, but many take it seriously. These days, dogs are even being trained to alert the owner in case it can sense any such thing. In the same way, it might feel that the presence of another dog is a safety concern for it and its owner. Thus, it is only natural for the dog to be aggressive and make sure that make sure that everybody around are safe.

Over-excited ness

Most of the dogs have high energy level during their adolescence and youth. During this period dogs tend to be very active and at times, they are found to be barking without any obvious reason. “Barking at the moon,” this adage came into existence as many dogs are literally found to do that. This is an apt example of over-excited ness of dogs. Therefore, when seeing another dog they often start lifting lip and lunging. They tend to chase the other dog out and even inflict injuries by biting and scratching.

Rivalry over females

Attraction towards the opposite sex in ingrained in the DNA of any creature. In case of dogs, it is more evident compared to other animals. Especially, if you have more than one male dog, it is only natural for them to vie with each other over the beaches. If you take your dog out, it might get restless and behave abnormally on seeing a beach. Male dogs are often found to be resorting to aggression against each other for this reason.

Mating season

Every dog owner must keep in mind that his or her dog needs to mate in the mating season. In case dogs are not able to mate, they may get frustrated which can lead to chronic depression. In such scenarios, a dog is bound to have emotional highs and lows. This may be very well be turned into aggression toward other dogs as well.

How To Deal With Dog Aggression?


Needles to say that such behavior of the pet can become a matter a concern for the owner. Let us learn how to deal with and correct such behavior.

The first step you need to take for correcting this problem is to keep your dog away from other dogs. If you take your dog out for a walk and see another dog there, do not stop or pay any attention. Keep walking, and you can go to another direction in order to avoid that dog. If your dog starts barking at the other dog or attempts to run towards it, do not let it do that. Say, “No” and force it comes with you. According to experts, dogs have the ability to understand our body language and gestures. You have to be a little strict her and teach your dog; that attacking other dogs, is something you are never going to allow.In many cases, even after you making all the efforts your dog tends to let loose and pounce on the other dog. In such scenarios, you have to block your dog from getting to the other dog. If you notice your dog staring at another dog, quickly divert its attention and engage it in doing something else. Let us say you see a dog on the other side of the road, and your dog has already set its eyes on it and lifting its lips. Wait for the other dog to pass and cross the road only after that. In case the other dog is standing just next to your dog, you can between two of them and hinder your dog from reaching the other. Pull your dog away and create a space between them, make it clear to it, that such behavior will not be tolerated.


Even after making all the efforts that you can do, if your dog does not mend its ways, you can think of punishing it. Punishing a dog in order to train it, is a matter of debate even today. Experts in the field of dog training are at loggerheads with each other, over this issue. If your dog is not obeying you, you may beat it. However, that should be done only to frighten it and not to hurt it. You can curl a newspaper and hit your dog slightly using this. Do not hit your dog with sticks or any other objects as that might make it even more aggressive.

Say “No.”

Dogs cannot follow everything what we say. However, they can relate to certain words. Say, “No” whenever you find it doing something wrong. In this way, it will get ingrained in its psyche that, this term means it should stop doing what it is engaged in. You have to be a little authoritative here and not allow it to be aggressive towards other dogs by saying “No.”


A tried and tested trick to rid your dog of any form bad habits is to give it enough physical engagement. You can take it out and make it run. Playing with your dog along with other family members using a ball or a flying disk is very popular. You can also train your dog to perform certain acts such as shaking hand or collect the newspaper every morning and so on. Engaging your dog in such activities will surely help reduce its aggressive nature.


One of the main reasons for your dog to behave violently towards other dogs is it is not able to mate. You can get in touch with any local dog-breeding agency to get that done.


You should let your dog mingle with other dogs as well. If you notice, your dog will not be aggressive to all the dogs, with some it can get along well. Especially if your dog is in its adolescence or is very young, it will have a natural tendency to play with other dogs. Make sure that you do not alienate your dog completely from other dogs, as that will only exacerbate the problem. Some have the habit of leaving the dog all alone in the house and going for their work. Being alone for a long time will only make the dog frustrated and hence aggressive. Try to give company to your dog and keep in engaged.

Aggressive Dog Training

Just like anything else, dog training is also getting more advanced, streamlined and reached newer heights. These days many are taking up dog training as a full-time profession. Combining the knowledge of training and modern discoveries in animal psychology, they have come up with specialized training programs for aggressive dogs. However, the owner has to actively participate along with the dog in this training. You can choose a training program that suits your budget.


All the tactics that we discussed are very effective. However, you need to give enough time for them to show the results. Moreover, you should be regular in training your dog. In some cases, dogs get rid of this over-aggressiveness as they cross their adolescence. Remember that, not every dog is the same. Hence, it would not take the same amount of time for you to see some noticeable change in their nature.