List of 5 Different Types of Rodents

Types of Rodents

Rodents are small animals which belong to the category of mammals.

These tiny animals are called rodents mostly because of the appearance of their front teeth. Also, most of them are vigorous at nights; hence they are also known as nocturnal animals. But not every nocturnal animal is a rodent. They are herbivores and typically feed on pasture or other vegetarians’ nuts and grains. But they act as a quarry to a lot of wild animals and other carnivores.

Various Classes of Rodents

In fact, rodents title with the major class of mammals. They are huge in number and present in most of the globe.

Here we have listed a few of them:

#1. Mice


Mice are quite akin to rats and quickly puzzle them to baby rats. They are 10 times minor than rats and quite active as compared to rats.

They can jump and run quickly. This species of rodents are popular for destroying the stored food grain, too. Mice reside in burrows in mud or human populated areas.

Both mice and rats are not easy to catch and hold. They can nibble the objects. Hence one should be careful while handling them.

#2. Rats


Rats are rodents having a long tail and are of different sizes. They vary in color like black, brown and even in white.

These little species are strong and robust animals. They can survive in cold climatic conditions and live in narrow burrows. Ordinary rodents cause issues to the human life, too. All of them are inclined to destroy the stored food grain and even are the source for the spread of terrible diseases like rabies.

Most of them weight in between 50 gram-500gms with the majority are using for the drug development process and in pharmacological studies due to their mode of living and character. They can break the surgical procedures and harsh pains. Further, their composition is analogous to humans. So their use is very widespread in new drug development.

#3. Squirrels

Types of Rodents Squirrel

An introverted category among the rodents. They escape from the scene as fast as they can once after getting the hints. Squirrels typically tend to live on vegetation diets.

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These animals are mild that they can barely harm others and are even feeble to defend themselves. Unlike mice and rats, they are less challenging to humans. They do not like to reside in human residence.

#4. Porcupines


These are rather unusual rodents. Unlike other species, they are sternly nocturnal.

Porcupines have a forcible resistance which can scare even wild animals. They also have a sharp spine that can attack the predators. It’s filled with natural skin hair for their protection.

#5. Guinea Pigs


Another category of rodents which are very shy and mild. They grow quickly as pets due to their gentle behavior and submissiveness.

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They are pure vegetarian and rely typically on grass. Also, they are a poor defender against predators. But like mice and rats, guinea pigs are widely used in processes related to drug research. Some countries even consume its meat.