How Long Do Horses Live?

How Long Do Horses Live?

Do You Know the Lifespan of Horses?

Horse, Equus Ferus, is a mammal that belongs to the family of Equidae. The evolution of a horse occurred extraordinarily from an organism called Eohippus. The domesticated variety of a horse is the subspecies caballus. The female horses are termed as Mares, and the young ones are known as a foal.

Equine Characteristics:

  • Horses have a great balance sense.
  • They can sleep while lying down and as well as in standing position.
  • Horses are intelligent beings. They have the ability to solve problems, have a notable memory and tend to learn new things quickly.

There are mainly three breeds of horses: hot bloods, cold bloods and warm bloods.

The first category of horses are the energetic ones that have speed. The cold bloods are used for workload purposes; whereas the warm-blooded ones are used for riding activities. Warm bloods are made by the mating of hot and cold bloods. They own the properties of both hot and cold bloods and are using for several military based tasks nowadays.

Overall Life Span of Horses

The average life of a horse is 25-30 years. The life span depends on various factors like management of the horse, environment and dietary habits. The horse that lived the longest, whose record has been mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records, was Sugar Puff. Sugar puff died at the age of 56 years.

Chart of Horses’ Age and the Terminology

Colt and Filly:


Colt is the term used to describe a male horse under four years of age. Filly is the same version of female horse.



Mare is the term used to describe a female horse which is older than four years.


How Long Do Horses Live Stallion

Stallion is the term utilized for a male horse which is older than four years. Stallions are the non-castrated males.


How Long Do Horses Live Gelding

A male horse which has undergone castration.


Unique Facts Related to the Lifespan of Horses

  •  Arabian horses are the smaller breeds. Smaller breeds tend to live longer than the larger breeds.
  • A proper diet and dental care help in increasing the life expectancy of horses.
  • With modern aids and advancements in medicine, the lifespan of horses has grown a lot.
  • As the horses grow old, their immune system gets weak. The potential to fight pathogens is highly decreased. They die of infections.
  • Horses in the wild usually die due to hunger or diseases and injuries.
  • A domestic horse can be subjected to euthanasia to give it a painless death.
  • With proper maintenance and health care, this animal can live over 30 years.
  • Old horses can remain useful if they are properly taken care of. Their dental health, food and feeding should be taken care of effectively.

Horses are amazing mammals that are used for various purposes like sports, entertainment, agricultural, riding, medicinal purposes, etc. Their urine, hair, skin, bone and meat are used extensively in medicine related fields.

Horses were used in wars earlier for their intelligence and speed. They are highly energetic, strong and beautiful beings.

On a routine, a horse requires hay, hoof, clean water, pasture, grains, etc. They need a proper shelter, dental examinations, vaccinations and care regarding hair coat and skin. If all the mentioned features are taken care of efficiently, a horse will live longer and healthier.