Top 10 Cutest Puppies In The World


World’s cutest puppies

For any dog lover, the cutest dog is his/her own. However, for those individuals who are not huge fans of dogs, it will be difficult to accept that loving owners may see a bull-terrier as the cutest pet on this planet. Of course, tastes differ and to satisfy the taste of every reader is hardly possible. However, in the list below we tried to present breeds with puppies cute enough to make every heart melt.

Whether you are a cat person, aquarist or a person who believes that human house is not the best place for pets, we are sure that you cannot help smiling looking at these little bundles of joy. All dogs from the following list are incredibly beautiful, kind, affectionate, gentle and very popular among pet lovers. So, are you really ready to get the portion of tenderness? Beware, it may cause more feelings than your heart can handle.

English Bulldog
Puppies of English Bulldog are rightfully considered to be the cutest in the world. One cannot help but agree with this statement after one look at these pudgy snub-nosed wonders. They have a short, soft and brilliant coat, which usually looks like uniform: light brown, black, fallow, white, fawn, piebald, as well as red brindle and all other brindles. This color scheme is completed with a dark mask-like spots on the maw. The first thing that catches your eye is an extremely cute large head with a wrinkled face and an awkward gait. The personality of these tiny puppies is equally good under the condition of well-timed socialization. As this breed was developed as a companion dog, English bulldogs require constant attention from their owners. They are usually very quiet and well-behaved, serious and devoted. They rely on human attention and are not the best choice for people who do not have enough time for their pets. English Bulldogs grow very attached to their families, that is why changing a family is too hard for them to bear. Such character traits and the ever-innocent look have made them #1 models among makers of greeting cards, television and print advertisements.

Labrador Retriever
Due to its amiable personality and probably the most heartwarming eyes,  theLabrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the USA and the UK. These puppies are very sociable, adore children and other pets. However, before adopting or buying a puppy, one should keep in mind that this is a dog of a large size that requires increased attention from people. They are reliable, patient, intelligent, energetic, always ready for walks and endless games. They love activity and attention more than anything in the world. The puppies are easy-to-train, as Labrador Retrievers are obedient by nature. Being left alone for a very long time, they get extremely bored – the unspent energy and lack of sufficient attention lead to apathy and destructive behavior. Yet other particular features of these cuties are webbed feet and waterproof coat of black, chocolate or golden colors. Be sure that nothing will make these fluffy mischief-makers get out of a pool, except for a piece of their favorite treat. It is not a selfish breed: if necessary, the Labrador Retriever will share its food with people it cares for. Labrador Retrievers are able to enjoy every little thing, and their joy is manifested in a constant tail wagging. However, this feature of the breed often leads to chaos in the house. Despite all this, Labrador Retrievers are an example of loyal, kind, reliable and affectionate dog breed. Their puppies can be safely taken in a family with children and other pets. A puppy and then in consequence an adult dog will never harm kids or fellow pets.

Golden Retriever
The next breed of our list of the cutest puppies in the world is Golden Retriever. Puppies of the breed are very similar to Labrador Retriever puppies. However, their coat is softer and brighter. Its color can vary from cream to golden and may be both wavy and straight. They feature rounded skull shape, cute black nose, brown eyes, medium size triangular ears that hang down to the cheekbone level, as well as a quite massive tail. It is a kind and loyal dog with a big and sensitive heart, perfect for families with children. Retrievers are active dogs that can not only play and have fun, but also help and protect. They love their family and do not like to part with it. Separation from their family can turn to a real tragedy for these loving dogs. As the result, they can become sad and apathetic. Golden Retriever puppies easily find contact with people, love to play and follow commands, their cheerfulness has no limits. It worth to be noted, that puppies grow very fast and reach their full height by the time they are only one year old.

French Bulldog
Primarily, this breed took its origin in France and later found its admirers in North America. Although French Bulldogs are much livelier than their English counterparts, it is not a very active breed. For this very reason, they are ideal companions for lazy owners or for someone who work the whole day. Mischievous puppies can really fill your home with joy and happiness. However, without proper control, their playful nature is able to turn your home into ruins. As puppies get older, they calm down, become sedate in their manner and behave proudly. Formerly active, French Bulldogs prefer to lie on the sofa and observe the action around them. Still, it does not mean that the breed can completely do without walks and training. Contrary to widespread opinion, the breed was not developed for protection, so French Bulldogs are friendly with guests and unlikely to meet them with threatening barking.

The French Bulldog is a tiny dog with good physique. It is strong and muscular, has broad shoulders, a thick neck, massive head with wide apart ears, big protruding eyes and a wrinkled face. The average weight is not less than 10 kg. Its short coat can be black, white, cream, fawn, piebald, sable, blue, brindle, ticked pied, etc. By nature, French Bulldogs are social and friendly, they like spending time both with adults and children. However, sometimes they can show intolerance toward younger kids.

Pomeranians are the cutest animals with a tiptoe curiosity. Dogs of this popular breed weigh only 3,5 kilograms. These are tiny dogs with prominent eyes, great intellect, and bright temperament. They are very smart and active. It is safe to say that these little cuties are more courageous than their larger counterparts. Although Pomeranians love their family, they are unlikely to sit in their owners’ lap for a long time, as  they are very active and adore running around the house. They can become great companions, especially for single people. Because of their compact size, they can be taken with you always and everywhere. The breed doesn’t suit families with young children – improper treatment can make Pomeranians very nervous and irritable. Besides, Pomeranians perceive children as competitors. Pomeranians can be really bossy – everything should be done in the way they want. Despite their angel-like look, they dislike new people and other pets in the home and require constant attention. And the best way to express your love and care is grooming. Pomeranians shed a lot. Therefore, it is necessary to brush their long coat every day. Such procedure will keep their coat shiny and prevent tangles. The Pomeranian is prone to excessive barking and has a very clear voice, which can be sometimes annoying. This problem can be easily handled if you start training them from the puppyhood. Remember, Pomeranians have willful and dominant personality. It seems that they are not aware of their size, as these little white balls can daringly attack a big dog.

Corgi puppies are one of the cutest puppies in the world. Also, it is the favorite dog breed of Queen Elizabeth. Corgi is the oldest dog breed of the British Isles that originates from the ancient Celtic area of Wales. Corgis are shepherd dogs that specialize in cattle grazing. They perform their duties by nipping at the cattle’s legs. Due to their small size, they do not run around the flock, but under the bellies of livestock. In general, Corgis can be described as cheerful, kind and friendly dogs able to make a connection with all members of the family: children, seniors and even with cats. With their foxy face, kind eyes and stubby legs, they rightfully belong to the cutest puppies breed in the world. Corgi puppies are not greedy for food, what simplifies their maintenance significantly. In addition, Corgis do not require special care. Due to their short coat, they can be bathed only when it is necessary. They should be brushed twice a week. The Corgi puppies are incredibly cute and cuddly: these qualities make them perfect lap dogs. Although they do not require acres of running room, they still need space. Puppies can be very noisy and bark at strangers. Of course, all dogs bark. However, corgis really bark a lot! When they grow up, they can become excellent family protectors. Moreover, they are very sensitive to the mood of people. They always know when their owner is in the mood to play, and when it is better to leave him/her alone. You should definitely own this dog if you like walking. Corgis are very active and agile and they will make you keep up.

Saint Bernard
Next cutest puppies in the world are Saint Bernard puppies. This large working dog breed is famous around the world for finding injured skiers in the Swiss Alps. Despite their size, they are tender and loving dogs and are the best pets for families. Saint Bernard puppies can have both long and short coat that is usually pleasant to the touch and they are cute as a large fluffy puppy can be! Moreover, the puppies socialize easily, because they like to obey every command of their owner and usually grow into behaviorally healthy dogs. The only problem you may face with your Saint Bernard puppy is that can exhibit destructive behavior when it is left alone for a long time. That is why you have to constantly provide it with proper attention.

The Pug is a very lively and cheerful dog breed. Pugs are perfect for families with children and other pets. Pugs love to play and adore different kinds of activity, always ready to accompany their family on outdoor adventures.  Pug puppies have flat, wrinkled faces, muscular bodies, and cute curled tails. The coat is short, smooth and glossy and its color varies from fawn to black and silver. Pugs’ playful temperament and friendly nature make them excellent family pets.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The next on the list is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. It is a companion dog for active people, families with children and animals, and even for seniors. These doggies with large expressive eyes and sad look are docile, not aggressive and able to adapt to the rhythm of life of their owners. The British dog lovers believe that these dogs relieve stress and bring comfort to the house. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have a lovely feathered coat available in the following combinations: black and tan, Blenheim, ruby, tricolor. Keeping these puppies can be troublesome, because their coat requires regular grooming. You will have to brush them every day, as well as trim their paws and feet. Moreover, their long ears need to be kept clean in order to avoid possible infections.

Basset Hound
This stubby dog breed belongs to the hound family. It takes its name from the French word “bas” that means “low”. Basset Hounds have a very memorable appearance due to wrinkled neck and forehead as well as long ears. These features give them an adorably melancholic expression. These are doggies with short and thick legs, which do not seem to match their long body. They have a smooth, short coat, which does not require regular grooming. Besides their appearance, these puppies are appreciated for their calm temperament. Do not forget to take Basset Hound puppies with you when you are going for a walk, camping or hiking. They adore outdoor activities and will make your trip much more interesting and pleasant. These kind-hearted dogs are able to make friends not only with people but also with other pets in the house.

Adopting or buying a dog is certainly a huge responsibility. Taking care of them requires time, attention and money, of course. However, everything mentioned above pales in comparison with the great love, joy, and pleasure we receive. Cherishing and appreciating dogs, which are always ready to become our friends without asking for anything in return, is the least we can do for their loyalty.