What Do Dolphins Eat?

What do dolphins eat

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The food that dolphins eat varies for each species. While few dolphins eat fishes like mackerel, herring and cod, whereas some others consume squids. Moreover, giant dolphins like the killer whales, feed upon some other marine mammals like sea lions or seals and occasionally even turtles.

Usually, the percentage of fish they eat is dependent on the kind of fish that they target. While herring or mackerel have too much of fat, squid have less fat. Hence, to get the energy requiring for their actions, dolphins have to eat more squid than mackerel.

Special Features of Dolphins

What do dolphins eat

On median, a dolphin with a unit of 200 Kg. to 250 Kg feeds upon between 10 Kg to 25 Kg of fish daily. Commonly to hunt fish, few group of dolphins uses a technique called herding. It is executing by a pod of dolphins where some of them cover a pool of fish to compact them up to a large extent, while few others take the chance to dive through the compacted school of feed or fish.

Another common technique is corralling where fish follows to shallow waters where they cannot outflow.

Few species capture bigger fish by targeting them with their tails. As one of the loved among wildlife watchers, dolphins are best known for their playful and agility. They conduct a beautiful vision as they jump from the water.

A portion of toothed whale family that also contains pilot whales and orcas, dolphins are highly intelligent and sociable marine mammals. They can be viewed at almost every turning point of the globe.

Where Do Dolphins Live?

Tending to dwell in shallow areas of steamy and temperate waters, dolphins could be found all over the world in every sea, except the coldest ones.

Dolphins are not only present from 45 degrees latitude to the poles but in both the southern and northern hemispheres. Most dolphins prefer to inhabit waters along the shoreline and near the ocean’s continental ledge edges. However, habitat assortment and migration for dolphins are vividly dependent on the water depth, sea surface temperature and food availability.

What Do Dolphins Eat?

What do dolphins eat

With a very diverse diet dependent upon feeding opportunity and species type, dolphins mostly eat fish, shrimp, squid and other crustaceans.

Since dolphins have a compartmentalised abdomen for rapid absorption, they do not chew up their food and will instead ingest fish whole headfirst or break larger fish by chasing them on the ocean floor.

As active predators, this big fish usually eat around four to five percent of their mass in food each day. Just like bats, dolphins use echolocation to steer the waters and hunt for their prey. They do this by vigorous high-pitched sounds off objects to take note for any echoes. Usually, the gregarious mammal will hunt in groups by adjoining a school of fish, trapping them, and making a turn in catching them.

Physical Traits

Being a living organism in a marine environment, dolphins possess a streamlined, sleek and spindle curved body.

Enclosed by a muscular flap that provides a water-tight seal, dolphins have a single blowhole on the exterior of the head for inhalation.