What Do Hamsters Eat?

What do hamsters eat?

What Do Hamsters Eat to Have a Healthy Growth?

Hamsters are now becoming the most beloved pets of all. They are cute, tiny and so adorable. They have smooth and shiny fur, and are very soft to touch and caress.

Hamsters have a very peculiar way of eating that is quite fascinating and at the same time, very attractive. The way they eat, overfilling their cheek pockets and looking innocently for more food is what makes them the cutest. But as a pet owner and a caretaker, one must understand their habits of eating to make sure the hamsters you own and love remain healthy and sound.

Dietary Habits of Hamsters:  Things A Caretaker Should Know

What do hamsters eat?

Hamsters are omnivorous organisms and eat both vegetarian diet as well as meat. They are capable of taking mixed diet just like human beings.

Diet of Wild Hamsters

A wild hamster has its diet as per the area it lives in. Usually hamsters prefer dry areas to thrive, and so the foods they generally consume includes grain, grass, various insects and seeds.

The hamsters fill the cheek pouches fully and it appears that they are begging for more food, but it is not true. They have this habit of storing food in their cheek pouches. So, a caretaker of a hamster needs to be cautious as they cannot be over fed.

Diet of a Domesticated Hamster

What do hamsters eat?

A caretaker should make sure that the diet of a domesticated hamster is similar to what a wild one eats. Even though their diet mixtures are available in pets food stores, such packaged food supplements should be consumed only as per the instructions. The mixtures that come for hamsters usually contain pellets and muesli.

They can be given fruits and vegetables, however the quantity is to be monitored, as over feeding might cause ill health and even diarrhea to a hamster. They are tiny beings that require lesser quantities of food. You can provide them with apple, cucumber, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, chicory, banana, peach, pear etc.

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Avoid acid containing fruits and vegetables, as hamsters are sensitive and small, and can easily end up having an upset stomach.

Boiled eggs and worms can be administered to a hamster once or twice a week. You should never provide your fluffy companion any sticky or sharp food item, as these may damage their cheek and internal body system. Keep the pet healthy and happy by giving it a balanced diet including soft, easily chewable and nutritious content.

Keep An Eye On the Quantity of Food

As per the specifications of PDSA, a hamster should be fed 10 grams of the hamster food mixture at least two times a day.

Always give your pet fresh food and never administer rotten food articles. Hamsters have the habit to store food before sleeping; however, they eat the remaining food soon after waking up. Provide them with sufficient food regularly and the periodic snacking should done adequately.

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The utensils used should be properly cleaned and well maintained. The water bottle should be neat and filtered water should be administered.

Hygiene will determine your pet’s health status. So, keep your and your pet’s surroundings hygienic and your hamster will remain cheerful and lovable always.