What Do Monkeys Eat?


Monkeys are mammals considering as one of the closest species to man. They belong to the category vertebrates, mammalian, as they are warm blooded creatures which don’t lay eggs, however, they possess mammary glands to nurture their newborns.

Over 260 varieties are known worldwide of these amazing creatures. Monkeys have now been added under endangered species and are near extinction in a few areas of the world.

One can easily see and study a monkey’s behavior in a zoological or a national park. In India, they are believed to be forms of Lord Hanuman and are worshipping in various temples. They depict the strength and faithfulness as did Lord Hanuman.

Dietary Habits of Monkeys

Mostly, monkeys come under the category of omnivorous organisms. They consume fruits, vegetables, seeds, honey, leaves, flowers, and bark.

#1. Howler Monkey


There is a variety of monkeys, called as howler monkey. They have the loudest voice among the land animals. These types take only vegetarian diets like leaves and fruits. Bananas, grapes, and yams are the primary foods they consider. They also eat vegetables.

#2. Owl Monkey


Another type, owl monkey, is a nocturnal organism. It goes to find food during the night, unlike other monkeys going to hunt their meal during the daytime. The food, they prefer are both vegetarian to bugs and insects. Their outlook of eyes appears like an owl; hence they’re called as owl monkeys.

#3. Capuchin Monkey


Some varieties being omnivorous eat insects, small birds, eggs, and lizards as well.

A variety known as capuchin can even hunt frogs, shellfish, crabs and can eat mammals which are small in size.

#4. Gorillas


Gorilla is another type which is quite famous. Gorillas consume large meals due to their huge sizes. They prefer bamboo, barks, vines, fruits, stems, insects, snails, slugs, etc.

Gorillas don’t prefer for water intake because of the succulent ingredients for food that maintain their water and electrolyte balance.

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Even in harsh conditions, when monkeys can’t find any food, they can survive eating dirt. Generally, they surround themselves in the environment where there is plenty of food and trees with vines and leaves.

#5. Spider Monkey


Spider monkeys are a very well known type of animals that are known to regulate their daily intake of food like humans do. They consume proteins in such a way that every day the intake remains almost fluctuant all over the year.

Thus, they prefer to consume healthy vegetarian and insectivorous diet, with a few even eating smaller mammals. They are omnivorous; that means they can survive on both herbivorous as well as carnivorous diet. They do not require much water intake as they consume water rich, succulent food items like vines and stems.

Monkeys are used as laboratory animals to conduct various inhuman experiments and investigations. Due to this, they are harmed and so have reached the verge of extinction. We need to take proper measures to protect these little entertaining creatures.

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In the medical field, capuchin monkeys have helped a lot in the treatment steps of quadriplegics and patients with other types of disabilities. They can grasp very efficiently and so are used to aid in such patients’ locomotion by training them properly.

Thus, a need is there to educate humans to save the earth and the flora and fauna that flourish here. Because the need to conserve nature and wildlife to have a better and healthy future.