Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


There are times when you would have seen your pet dog chewing on grass like a cow and you would have wondered, ‘if it is a cow in dog’s disguise.’ However, dogs are dogs and there are no witches on this earth to wave their hand and turn your pet companion into a cow. So for the question why do dogs eat grass – the answer is given in this article. Be rest assured that you are given some of the valuable points.

If you are surprised at your dog eating grass even though you have provided good diet, it is natural, you get angry. Do understand that your furry companion is by all means a carnivore and you will be agitated after consuming the grass, the dog throws up all the ingested food. In case of a similar situation you will wonder as to why your pet consumed the grass in the first place.

The first aspect you have to understand is that the family’s animal companion does not have the necessary enzymes in his/her body to digest the grassy fibers. Hence, it is of less nutrition to them. May be, even without a college, they must have got the in-tuition in case of stomach irritation to gulp down the grass.


Are Dogs Carnivores?

Dogs are omnivores and they have been domesticated from the wild wolf by man. In their hey ancient days, they must have savored on every bone, flesh and tissues in the wild. However, this does not mean (even though your pet eats vegetables and some fruits) that dog can eat grass.

There are also many points taken to consideration for this problem:

  • Dogs eat grass to get relief from feelings for sickness and nausea, and they feel relieved after vomiting. They do the same in case of bloating or excessive stomach gas.
  • To clear any blockages in digestion.

In case your dog is showing symptoms of these kinds, it is better to give them medicine. A pet owner should have the contact number of the nearest Vet in times of emergencies. If the pet looks very distressed and vomits frequently it can be the sign of an underlying medical condition and it is time for diagnosis and assessment.

There are however some dogs that enjoy eating grass and do not suffer from any problems so that you can override the habit. Do you know that some dogs will select the type of grass to eat, and they will sniff on the perfect blades to feast upon? However, as you are a guardian, ensure that the grass your pet prefers is free from chemicals and pesticides as if it’s a park, gardeners will use pesticides. Moreover, if the grass has plenty of snails or other insects, it could lead to harmful physical conditions.

Pica is the condition that makes animals as well as people crave for foods containing nutrients and minerals, your pet could also have become a member. Do you know there are dog pets who love to eat soil? In case your pet is gobbling up any seen food in the garden, make a trip to the Vet to check for deficiencies.

Then there is a theory, that dogs mark their territory. Your pet before he/makes a foray to another’s territory will destroy the other dog’s marks for trespassing.

In case you have a old citizen at home who is a specialist in rearing dogs, he can point to change of diet if your pet is eating grass now and then. Surprised! The pet had this same pet for, let us say, around two whole years and there was not even a squirm. Now a rehash of diet can make his/her tummy normal and then they will return to their original selves.

It is however, recommended to pay a visit to the Vet and if he/she suggests change of food, or switching sources or diet, then kindly follow the instructions. You might be asked to shift over from a kibble or canned diet to a living diet such as raw food that can work wonders for your dog. You can ask the assistance of an expert Vet to help you in making the switch for a new diet. In case the dog has been fed for two years for the same diet with few changes, the change has to be made gradually.

For diverting the pet’s attention from grass, you can consider adding foods that can aid in digestion if in case of stomach upsets. These foods can assist in making the food process properly.

In case you have a pitbull dog who should be frequently exercised  and the pet is devoid of exercise, he/she will get bored and will search for some play or activity to keep him/her engrossed. You can solve the problem by playing with him for an hour or give him a chew toy. To seek your attention, the pet will resort to eating grass. Thank God! Your pet preferred to chose grass, what would have happened if the nibbling had started on your expensive shoes or furniture clothes?

There are some foods your dog has a genetic trait on. So no matter the amount of food or the quality, some of the dogs will always prefer to have grass.

The conditions such as anxiety and other disorder behavior can make a dog eat grass. Notice the reaction of the pet when it does these activities. In case of a similar situation, you may have to take the dog to a behavior analyst.

Kindly go over the diet timings. Is your pet fed properly? You can add green beans to the diet to assist in making the pet feel full and they will not grow obese.

The foods which your pet should avoid:

These foods can be considered safe and essential for humans, but they can prove deadly to a dog.

1. Alcohol

Found in some households, if your pet has drunk alcohol, the symptoms you can see fast. This action can lead to vomiting, depression, problems in breathing and the most unfortunate part – death. So you may be a person who takes only pegs of alcohol for consumption, but ensure that your pet does not have it.

2. Tea/Coffee/Stimulants

Any food containing caffeine or any stimulant such as Red Bull, Cola drinks, pain killers can be harmful to a dog.

3. Onions or garlic

Some of the items in the kitchen should never be ingested by the dog. A small amount does not create any problem, but in case of a higher dose or consistent feeding can lead to destruction of red blood cells – resulting in anemia and poisoning.

4. Avocado

Surprised! You would not believe it but check on the internet. This food is fatal for dogs. The chemical component called as persin is toxic to many domestic animals. In the backyard if you have garden and there is an avocado plant consider taking measures to make the pet stay away from the fruit.

5. Grapes and Raisins

You would have put twenty raisins in a bowl filled with water. The reason – if you drink this water in the morning, the toxins will be flushed out. However, eating grapes or raisins can cause kidney failure in the pet. Note the early symptoms are laziness, vomiting, and depression.

6. Raw Eggs

Raw eggs can have bacteria such as salmonella and e.coli. The symptoms might be allergy in the form of skin irritation.

7. Chocolates

Chocolate is harmful to a dog. Period. White or black does not matter. Theobromine is the substance that causes discomfort such as vomiting, excess thirst, diarrhea, tremors, seizures and irregular heart rhythms in dog. The Final part will be, the unfortunate one – death.

8. Candles and Gums

Your pet might gobble up glue or candles when you are having a festival like Halloween. Even toothpaste and some diet foods can be harmful to your dog. If the mentioned products contain the substance Xylitol, usually used for blood sugar, then it can give rise to reduction of blood sugar and failure of liver. It can also result in seizures.

9. Dairy Products

Your pet will suffer from stomach upset if they ingest ice creams or artificially sweetened products.

10. Fish and raw meat

They can also contain bacteria resulting in illness.

11. Table Scraps and Bones

They are the most dangerous and if you do not clean the dinner table, it will disappear in a flash. The diseases it can cause are various but majority will lead to pancreatitis. It can also lead to choking or rupture of digestive muscles.

12. Salt

Foods containing more of salt can lead to more urination and thirst. It can lead to dehydration.

13. Medicines for Humans

Dogs are also living beings, but the medicines given for human beings can spell disaster for them. Pain killer medicines such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen can be harmful to dogs. It is recommended not to give any (human) medicine to dogs unless under the permission of a Vet.

14. Yeast

In case of dough yeast, the dog will face stomach problems and you can experience foul smell in the air.

15. Macadamia nuts

These nuts can cause harm to the pet’s digestive, muscle and nervous systems.

16. Cat Food

Dogs and cats, both are pets but you cannot give cat food to the dog. The cat food contains high amounts of fats and proteins that are harmful to your dog pet.

Now you know about the foods that have to be kept away from the dog. However, there are certain foods that can help the dog stay in perfect health. These are listed below:

Pumpkin: a very good source of fibers and Vitamin A

Yogurt: It should be without any sweeteners and with live bacteria. It is good for the digestive system of the dog. A rich source of calcium and proteins.

Carrots: This vegetable is high in fibers and vitamins but low in calories. The texture of the vegetable assists in keeping the teeth of the dog healthy.

Green Beans: They are high in fibers, vitamins C and K, and low in calories.

Sweet Potatoes: They provide nutrition to the pet in the form of vitamins, beta-carotene and manganese.

Oatmeals – They assist the pet in making bowel movements easy. If the dog is allergic to wheat, oatmeals are the best supplement.

Pasta and Rice: The best form of rice food that can be given to the pet.

Meat: Any meat is favorable as long as it is well-cooked.

We hope that the article has clarified your doubt on why do dogs eat grass? Also, we also have given information on the foods that can be given or cannot be given to the dog. A toast to your dog!